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Just released "The Twilight Zone" My handling-changes and routine of Steve Hamiltons in the hand wild card.

Probably out No.1 best seller... Fast & Loose chain now being used by many top pros around the world!

The Lego Doors illusion... Back in stock.

Gary Jones
Gary Jones Magic Page. Yes I now have so much of Garys stuff (some of which I have rather proudly had a hand in, in a very small way) So its time he had his own page... But don't miss out on his books here

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Also there is now a collectables page upon which the items may be of interest not only to the performer but the magical collectors out there. More stuff to be added soon. NEW.. The Vintage magic sets page. Over the last few I have collected a fair few magic sets but space has fun out and I need to part with them. More to come.

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Scarlet Monte - Malcolm Norton / Magic Tao

What A proud moment! Yes MY trick has now gone world wide! My dear friend Costas at Magic Tao liked it so much he wanted to release it through Magic Tao. My deepest thanks and appreciation for making this such a success!

The Scarlet Pimpernel Strikes Again!

A master of escape & disguise the Scarlet Pimpernel escapes time and time again; he exchanges places with his guards and finally, vanishes completely!

The first phase goes as follows; placing one of the guards off to one side to keep a lookout. The Scarlet Pimpernel is contained within his jail cell (your hands) between two guards. Before your audience's very eyes, the Scarlet Pimpernel escapes!
All that's left inside your hands are the guards and the card first placed down is the on the run Pimpernel.

The second phase, after running amok, the Scarlet Pimpernel is caught again. After placing him between the two guards in your hand, he once again escapes!

The guards capture the Scarlet Pimpernel for a final time; leaving all three guards with him, within a blink of an eye he escapes. Place the three guards, which were once four cards, into your spectator's hand. The Scarlet Pimpernel is free! Completely gone, only to turn up wherever you want.

You are supplied with everything needed, including streaming video instructions, and patter for a 'Monte' style routine.

Price: £15

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