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ID Case - Jerry O'Connell

An accessory for the Plus wallets, it fits over the chute tongues, is used instead of an envelope, signed card winds up in ID Case, inside zippered compartment. Buy a spare, it also fits older O'Connell Plus Wallets, or Sealed Envelope Wallets.

Price: £12

Wonder Unit - Jerry O'Connell

A small note pad which fits easily into the Plus Wallets to add more stunning effects such as Confabulation...

Note: I have presented Confabulation for many years, and without doubt it is one of the strongest effects in the show. Jerry has made the effect so easy and simple you could even table hop with it...

Will fit all Jerry's other older Plus wallets too. In fact it will work with pretty much ANY card to wallet, wallet!

NOTE the few I have currently are hand made... Get them whilst you can!

One of the strongest tricks in my cabaret act... "M"

Price: £19

EZ Card to Wallet - Jerry O'Connell

The EZ Wallet has credit card pockets, places for bills, ID and functions as your everyday wallet if you choose. This wallet does not have the sealed envelope feature but is the easiest loading Card to Wallet in the world. The signed card is inside, in a zipped compartment.

This Easy Wallet is a very easy to use practical wallet, equipped to cater for most of your everyday needs. It performs "Card to Wallet" or even Ring, Bill or Key to Wallet. The effect is built into the design, it will not hinder the wallets everyday use. Removing the Card from the zip pocket makes the effect even more stunning and magical. Everything a magician needs to perform a basic, easy to use "Card to Wallet" in this carefully thought out Wallet works smoothly and correctly the first time.

Dimensions approximately Large (170 x 100mm). Small (150 x 100mm).

Price: £45 (Small) / £50 (Large)

Single Packet Trick Holder - Jerry O'Connell

This holder is made to hold a single poker size packet trick. It's flat and is easy to handle and it looks good too.

The packet trick is easy to remove and just as easy to replace. This is the ideal simple design to keep any packet trick neat and tidy until you're ready to perform the effect.

Made from genuine leather. Dimensions Approximately 3" x 4" (7.5cm x 10cm)

Price: £9

The New Card Case

The Card Case will add style to the performance and your presentation.

Because of the gusset design, it holds the cards or the box securely without being slack.

Price £10


* Sizes in millimetres with the product closed

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