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Unlike the 2nd hand page which is dedicated to the more standard magical tricks and apparatus, this page is dedicated to "vintage" magic.
Old magc sets and props.

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MAGIC WAGON - Miraculous Card Box

An ornate wooden box and two decks of cards (one red and the other blue) are displayed. A spectator is invited to select a deck of cards (Let’s assume the spectator selects the red deck). He is now asked to select a card from the deck and place it in the wooden box (Say the Jack of Diamonds). After a magical gesture over the wooden box, the performer explains that the selected card will jump from the wooden box to the other deck and turn face up. The spectator is now asked to look inside the blue card box and only to find that it is completely empty! When the lid of the wooden box is removed, a blue deck of cards has miraculously appeared inside! Where’s the red-backed Jack of Diamonds? The spectator then spreads thru the blue deck to find that all the cards run in perfect number & suit order EXCEPT there is one card and one card only reversed in the deck. It is the red-backed Jack of Diamonds!

Miraculous Card Box is not only beautiful with an inlay of contrasting woods, but works entirely differently then the usual gimmicked (flaps/magnets) sets. Vanishes, changes and appearances all become effortless with this mechanical wonder.

Beautifully crafted in teak & sycamore with a hand-rubbed oil finish that brings out the natural character of the wood.

Collectible Series - Each set is individually numbered.

2nd hand but in excellent condition.

NO instructions...

Price: £115

Vanishing Bird Cage - Abbots

Made by Abbots. This is the famous style of cage that Harry Blackstone Jnr. used in his shows.

This is probably the very easiest of cages to make vanish as it instantly collapses and due to the red edging whioch covers all the joints there is nothing that can "catch" on your sleeve.

This is the Larger model Dimensions 5.5" x 5" x 4.5"

In very good condition.

No pull supplied

Price: £85

Joe Porper Paddle Set

This is and incredbly rare SET of Joes paddles these were made and sold as a "set" in 2003 and sold via ebay, just before Joe relaunched himself back into the the magic business.

The set consists of Spot paddle
Toothpick Paddle
Red, White & Blue Paddle
Color Changer
Mystery Paddle

It comes with a wallet made to carry all 5 at once, and also separate pouches for each paddle.

A certificate of authenticity from Joe and of course instructions for all

Also the letter Joe sent to me with them. This set was what introduced me to Joe all those years ago.

Basically unused just sat in collection... Time for someone else to enjoy looking at them... Better still USE THEM!

Price: £200

The Meditation Book Test - Ted Karmilovich

From the inventor of the "Mother of all Book Tests" comes the "The Meditation Book Test"

Effect: A spectator peeks at a word (ala flashback) and the performer reveals it!

The uses an ordinary book! (one is supplied).
The Book is examinable!
You can give the book away!
The words will be different every time!

Price: £38

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