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Unlike the 2nd hand page which is dedicated to the more standard magical tricks and apparatus, this page is dedicated to "vintage" magic.
Old magc sets and props.

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Duplex Slate - Ed Massey (c. 1945)

Effect: Ed Massey’s Duplex Slate was the first slate to produce a message on both sides. A slate is shown and both sides are cleaned with a damp sponge. It is then wrapped in a piece of paper and immediately given to a spectator to hold. The person holding the slate is asked to unwrap the paper himself and writing in chalk is found on both sides.

Points to remember:
Slates is cleanly shown on both sides
Nothing is added or taken away from the slate
Slate maybe handled by the audience before and after
No chemicals used
No sleight of hand

This particular slate measures 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" Inches.

Very clever mechanics. (The picture sort of gives away the idea of the mechanism).

Sorry NO instructions.

Price: £60

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Ball Thru Glass

A beautiful collectors item. Although still perfectly usable. There are modern versions of this available and all of them probably twice the price of this beauty.

This I believe came from Davenports wether made by them or brought in I don't know. (This model might possibly originate from Germany) It is incredibaly well made unlike many I have seen where you can see where the gimmick part is. This has been made so that it doesn't stand out. The craftsmanship is outstanding!

The effect... A box is shown to have a hole through its center. Upon opening it it is seen to have a piece of glass filling the inside thus blocking anything from going thru the hole.

The glass examined and replaced, the box examined too and closed a small ball is placed in the hole atop of the glass plate. As the spectator watches the ball slowly decends through the hole penetrating through the glass and landing in their waiting hand underneath.

The box in its entirety is handed to the spectator to examine.

This will come with a COPY of the origianlalinstructions

A beautiful item to add to your collection either as a collectors piece or a working trick.

This is in outstandingly good condition!

Price: £55

The Meditation Book Test - Ted Karmilovich

From the inventor of the "Mother of all Book Tests" comes the "The Meditation Book Test"

Effect: A spectator peeks at a word (ala flashback) and the performer reveals it!

The uses an ordinary book! (one is supplied).
The Book is examinable!
You can give the book away!
The words will be different every time!

Price: £40

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