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Here you will find the range of magic that Gary has kindly put out through me here at Top Secret Magic.
Some of it I have been proud to have had a hand in. One thing is for certain. If it comes from "Gary Jones" It is a real workers trick!
Gary is without doubt on of the UKs top working magicians and is highly respected by those who now him!
Find out why...

Life’s a Beach - Gary Jones (Volume one)

Gary Jones is a full time professional magician of many years standing, and he is a man who is widely respected for both his performing skills and his creative way of thinking. This book brings you the full illustrated details of a large selection of Gary’s worker routines and moves, a couple of effects from some of Gary’s good friends in magic, as well as many tips and much advice on performance and even what it takes to be a pro entertainer.

In this 136 page volume you will learn the secrets behind Gary’s sleight free coins through table, you will learn a really clever card to wallet idea that removes the need for palming, a simple yet effective method to perform a bottle production, mental effects which are easy to do yet baffling to the audience, as well as a strong collection of other commercial card and coin routines.

When you are a pro entertainer you get to know exactly what works with the lay public and what doesn’t. You hone your methods so that they are practical yet strong, and you create magic plots that are clear and easy to follow. The material in this book reflects these principles throughout and will delight anyone looking for new worker tricks to add to their repertoire.

Table of Contents:

Almost ACAAN
Instant Sandwich
Aqua Ring
Ambitious Jazz
Metal Sheep
No Luck
Balducci, Balducci, Balducci
Colour Changing Silk Surprise
Card To Wallet Plus (by Paul Gordon)
Card To Wallet
Bottle Production
Lead Free
Lead Free #2
Gary On Being A Pro
Do Or Die
Peeky Blinders
Ultimate Inversion
Mine And Yours
Lucky Card
Pseudo Card Counting
Instant Reverse
Not Chosen
Starter For Ten
One Short Of A Full Deck
Thought Of Cards Across Plus
Pockets Predicted
No Palm Signed Card To Card Box
Shaken Not Stirred
STP (Switch, Tear And Peek)
Six Cards To Pocket
Predicto Pocket
Pro CUB (Pro Card Under Box)
No Count Oil And Water
TNT (by Lee Smith)
The Top Con Control
No Palm Coins Through Table
Marlo’s Future Reverse

You would be a fool not to add this to your collection. Nuff Said!

Price: £25

Life’s a Beach - Gary Jones (Volume two)

Magicseen is delighted to present a second volume featuring the magic of top UK professional close up magician Gary Jones.

Gary is one of those performers who is equally at home presenting magic to lay people or to a room full of magicians, and his creative output reflects those two requirements. Some of the magic in this collection is designed to intrigue and fool magicians, while other effects are fast, direct and perfect for working under almost any commercial conditions.

What all the magic has in common is that the methods have been constructed to extract the maximum effect for the minimum of fuss.

Some of Gary’s handlings do require some sleight of hand – he is very fond of palming cards, for instance – but equally, there are other ideas which are basically self working! So there’s something for everyone here.

The vast majority of the 40 effects included here are with cards, but within that Gary has provided a huge variety of plot and magic that always has a big surprise finish. Some of the effects will go straight into your working repertoire because they are just too good to miss!

If you love close up magic that has attack and impact, you are going to love Life’s a Beach Volume 2

"M's" Note. Many of you will know that I am proud to say Gary is and has been a close friend of mine for many many years. I know how hard he works on building his routines and ideas getting to most impact out of everything. he has put many great tricks out. I mention this because in this book are some of hs finest routines.

I promise you you won't be dissapointed! (No deck switch "Blizzard" is worth the price of this book alone!)

Price: £25

Life’s a Beach - Gary Jones Vols 1 & 2

Book deal... buy vols 1 & 2 together

Price: £40

The Forgotten - Chris Congreave & Gary Jones

4 routines that are tried and trusted.

2 super commercial card effects, a borrowed, signed coin to impossible location and a mentalism piece where you predict a merely thought of 3 digit number!

All of the above are practical, hard hitting and super easy to do.

Presented in an 11 page booklet

"Simple and effective, exactly how commercial effects should be" - Rus Andrews

Price: £8

Ambitious Jazz - Gary Jones (Now includes BONUS routine - no count Oil and Water)

Four "Black" Kings and four "Red" Twos...
The Kings are placed on the table the Two's in the hand,
The first King placed on the bottom of the Twos packet instantly appears on top of the packet!
This happens twice more under increasingly impossible conditions.
The climax happens with the magician even touching the last king!
Yet it still melts through to the top!

This is a fabulous effect. The cards are shown so very cleanly throughout

BONUS routine

Gary's no count "Oil and Water" 4 Black cards & 4 Red cards... No matter how many times they are mixed together they keep separating.

Complete instructions with all the cards required (Cards will vary from set to set)

I love this... "M". And way to cheap......

Price: £6

Shock Twist - Gary Jones -Magic Tao / Top Secret Magic

An original effect from the devious mind of Gary Jones. This was one of his original releases.

I am proud to announce that in a joint project with Magic Tao it has been reproduced and repackaged and now comes with a DVD shot by Gary Jones himself.

The effect is incredibly simple and VISUAL... Just the way magic should be!

Four blue backed cards are shown and one by one they turn face up, then with a snap of the fingers the backs change to multi coloured.

Incredibly visual & stunning. Very easy to do, Instantly reset!

This is one you just have to have... I promise you, you wont regret it!

Price: £13

Duality - Gary Jones - (UK Exlusive)

Once in a while I have the privilege to be the exclusive distributor of a great new effect! Wow! This is outstanding and has impressed many of the best working professional magicians in the business today!

Gary is one the countries Top Professional WORKING Magicians. He eats, breathes and lives magic 24 hours a day if he's not performing he is coming up with a dozen different ways to produce the same effect until he finds the very best and most effective way. Finally Gary has been persuaded to part with some of his best effects... I am proud to say Gary has been a close friend of mine for many years and has asked me to make and distribute them for him... The first of these is here...

After placing a deck of cards on the table the Magician asks a spectator to THINK of both a number between 1-52 and any one of the 52 playing cards in a deck but not say anything yet! Then in full view writes two predictions on the reverse of his business card, a number and a playing card… Only now does the spectator tell him what number and card they were thinking of and these are then written under the magicians predictions. Taking the deck of cards, the magician explains that on the backs of the cards are written the numbers 1-52 in a random order. He now searches through the faces of the cards and removes the spectator's thought of card, turning the deck over and searching through the backs, he then finds the card with the spectator's thought of number on it. On the reverse of the spectators thought of card is the number the magician predicted. And on the face of the card with the thought of number is the very playing card he predicted.

Remember… Only one deck is used - which is on view BEFORE the trick commences. The Predictions are made BEFORE the spectator says anything! No Sleights, no Forcing, no Rough & Smooth! And it instantly resets

This truly is the perfect working performers miracle! As you can guess I like this one! "M"

Read the review in MAGICSEEN Vol 8

Price: £22

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Out Of Sight Out Of Your Mind - Gary Jones / Top Secret Magic

A Classic, simple, direct effect:

Re-released with DVD instructionss and extra sublties

The Magician takes a deck of cards and fans them in front of a spectator. They are asked to merely look at, and think of ANY card whilst the magician turns away. Once they have a card in mind, the magician closes the deck and turns back around. With NO questions asked, the Magician deals down to the thought of card.

No guesswork, Forces, Peeks, No Breaks held, the perfect effect for the working professional!

Gary has fast become one of then UKs biggest "underground" legends. A real world - working performer - who is also a magicians magician. With this effect Gary has fooled some of the most knowledgeable magicians here in the UK.

Ok So I am biased as I have had a hand in its prodution! But this is good! "M"

Made in Bicycle stock

Made in Bicycle stock

Price: £22

Sorry RED only

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Out of Sight... Out of Your Mind... - Gary Jones



Original release As above but without the DVD! Written instructions only

Price: £15

Sorry temporarily out of stock
Sorry temporarily out of stock

Box Pad - Gary Jones and Chris Congreave

The scenario is as follows:

Holding a small note pad you approach a group of people, or an individual. You then ask them if they are ready to place their order. If they say “No”, you then say “That’s ok, how about a card trick instead?”

The notepad turns into a card box. You then follow by opening the card box and taking the cards out to perform a card trick.

No sleight of hand needed

Custom made gimmick supplied

You supply your own pack of cards

Comes with DVD with full explanations

Price: £17

AUTOMATA - Gary Jones and Chris Congreave

Pro-level magic. Massive reactions. Not a sleight in sight.

Gary Jones and Chris Congreave present 'Automata' - Nine completely self working, pro-level effects that are absolutely guaranteed to get massive reactions!

The idea that professional magicians don't do self working tricks is a complete fallacy. The truth is that the prudent professional well understands the power and practicality of a well placed self worker.

Make no mistake though - these are not your run of the mill, novelty self workers. These are PRO LEVEL magic effects, straight from the repertoires of two of the busiest working magicians in the UK. Real 'reaction getters' for the REAL WORLD!

And, what's more, of the nine effects presented, only THREE of them are card tricks meaning you'll not only bolster your repertoire with strong, practical magic that's easy to do - you'll also add real depth and variety to your performances - without breaking a sweat!


METAL SHEEP - A stunning multi-coin transpo!
CARD 2 MATCHBOX - A classic without the sleights!
KINGPINS - a finger ring jumps from one pin to another!
FREE PHONE - Mentalism with a spectators phone!
POKER CHEAT - They choose the cards - you always win!
THIRTY FOUR - A multi-revelation mental masterpiece!
BIRTHDAY CARD - Perfect for restaurant workers!
PRINCESS REDUX - An old classic - supercharged!
FIREBALLS - It’s going straight into your repertoire!

Price: £18

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Gary Jones Live Lecture - DVD

Sales of Garys Live lecture DVD have been so popular that Gary has aked me to sort him out a limited run for his lectures! So here they are...

As you probably well know by now Gary has been good friend to me for nearly 2 decades... Whoops, sorry Gary didn't mean to let on how old we both are! What I ment was... Gary is the consumate professional. He is want we all want / NEED to be. On this DVD you find material that is genuinely useable in the REAL world.

1. Coins to Pocket - A coin repeatedly vanishes from the performer's hand and appears in many different pockets of the spectator. This is a real lesson in sleight-of-hand, audience management and misdirection. This routine will teach you how to load coins, cards or just about anything into people's pockets with ease!

2. Starter For 10 - You show an order pad (like the type used by waiting staff) and instantly the pad changes into a full deck of cards. This is a superb opener for the restaurant magician! Easily made up in less than one minute with items you probably have lying around.

3. 3Fly Plus - This is Gary's version of this classic. Three silver dollar coins are magically produced (each coin is handled by the spectators), two of the coins visually vanish at the fingertips, these are again produced from the spectator's ear and jacket; the other coin now visually vanishes and appears back in the pocket. All three coins now travel from one hand to the other one at the time and at the very fingertips, each coin now completely vanishes in a most magical way. You are now left 100% clean and reset for the next table!!

4. Sponge Ball Surprise - If you do the sponge balls then you will love Gary's solution to the 'multi ball' climax without the hassle of picking up the balls. This routine also teaches you how to make your volunteers the stars of the show with very clever spectator management and clever routining This routine is perfect for the table hopper/strolling magician is now a firm favorite with many professionals!

5. Prediction Die - The magician places a prediction on view, spectator throws an imaginary die and calls out the number it landed on, prediction matches, or does it?! 100% self-working.

6. 3 Coin Prediction - You predict the outcome (Heads or Tails) of three coins tossed into the air before they land. 100% self-working.

7. Repeat Signed Cards to Pocket - Three cards are selected, signed and lost in the deck, one by one each card jumps to a different pocket, now without any moves the cards instantly jump back into the pockets. Yes they are really back in the pockets and the spectator can even remove the cards themselves!!! This is a stunning routine and a real magician fooler!!

8. Ring and Pins - A borrowed finger ring jumps off a MARKED safety pin held in your right hand and onto another safety pin held in your left hand, everything can be examined. Visually stunning and very easy to do!

9. 6 Cards to Pocket - Arguably the best method for the cards to pocket out there. This routine has received rave reviews from some of the biggest names in the business.

10. Pseudo Hypno Coin - First you show off with some one coin juggling and then you "make you hand shrink" to a quarter of its size. This a quick and funny routine which establishes the performer and also lets the audience know they're in for some fun.

11. Coins Across - Performance only.

12. Pop Up Phone - The magician openly places two coins into his hand, instantly the coins change into a mobile phone. Very easy to do and 100% impromptu!

13. Mindful Coins - You show a small metal box which contains a prediction (a coin) and this is placed on full view. You now bring out a handful of different coins from all over the world, a spectator chooses any coin (no force). Both coins match. Remember no forces of any kind.

14. Telephone Prediction - A pack of cards is shown to have 52 different telephone numbers written on their backs. The magician writes a prediction on the back of his/her business card and this is given to someone to hold on to. Any card is now named and removed from the deck, the spectator who's been holding onto the business card is asked to read out what is written on the card, but cannot find any writing, all they can find on the business card are the magician's contact details - .Yes, the freely selected telephone number matches the performer's contact details!! This is an excellent way of handing out your business card in a very magical way!

15. Ambitious Card (Incorporating Pocket to Pocket) - This is Gary's take on the classic Ambitious Card but - Gary's Pocket to Pocket sequence will have both magicians and lay people scratching their heads in bewilderment. Stunning!

16. Ring and String Climax - When Bobby Bernard saw Gary perform this in Blackpool he said " You caught me that was excellent!" If you do a ring and string routine then this is the ending you have been waiting for!!

Also included on this DVD is Gary's Top Con Control, a very deceptive card control which is very easy to do. Plus loads of tips on misdirection, palming, audience management, timing, pocket management, working tables, working pre dinner drinks receptions, corporate etc.

Every effect on this DVD is instantly reset and ready to go again immediately, so if you're a strolling magician you won't ever have to keep disappearing and having to reset your props or pockets.

The advice and tips on this DVD will help the magician who is trying to break into the 'Close-up' market, but the full time professional magician as well as the hobbyist will find many of Gary's tips and effects invaluable!

Running Time: Approximately 90min

Price: £15

Gary Jones Lecture - Notes #1 - No Frills, Just Pure Magic

These are the notes for Gary’s 2007/8 lectures. Gary has worked on and developed these effects over many years as a professional magician. Every one of these effects are real workable effects usable in the real world from the mind of ones of Britain's top working Pros...

Starter For 10
Back Palm Change
Colour Changing Silk Surprise
Instant Reverse
Instant Sandwich
Mindful Coins
No Palm Coins Through Table
Bottle Production
No Sleep
Shaken Not Stirred
6 Cards to Pocket
GJ 3Fly

No Palm Signed Card To Card Case
Thought of Cards Across Plus
Balducci, Balducci, Balducci
No Count Oil & Water
Ultimate Inversion
Ambitious Jazz
Quick Reminder

“The effects shown and taught were not only high caliber cards effects but also effects with coins (one of the best 3 Fly routines I’ve seen) finger rings, the cheekiest watch steal ever, balls, pins and hankies. I’ve always been a fan of the cards to pocket routine but the vanish of the last card has always been a problem, Gary has eliminated this problem and this routine will catch you, this is the last word on cards to pocket”

As a friend of Gary’s I can say that rarely will you find material of this caliber offered in this way. Chris Congreave (Professional Magician).

As another friend of Garys I can promise you you find stuff here you will use. Gary is a true Pro in every sense of the word.

Price: £10

Download as a PDF (this will be emailed to you ASAP within 24 hours)

Price £6

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