Chick Pan - Bazar De Magia

The magician displays a small (5-inches round) aluminum pan and opens it, showing the inside empty.

He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live "Chick" (or any other object which fits inside) appears!

Great for producing a small cup cake or sweets.

High-quality spun aluminum with a quick-action release and air hole on the lid.

Price: £30

Hydrostatic Glass

An Effect that has been presented by may top performers. Most notably it has been a feature effect of Geoffrey Durham and Alan Shaxon.

The Effect: A glass of is filled with liquid and a piece of paper placed over the mouth of the glass. Holding it carefully in place the glass is turned over and the hand removed… The paper stays over the mouth of the glass the water seemingly suspended in the glass. "That's Science," explains the performer. Slowly the performer pulls away the piece of paper and the water stills remains suspended in the glass. "That's Magic!" Now holds a container under the glass and on his or the spectators command the water will suddenly drop from the glass "And That's Reality!"

A great classic of magic. Difficult to find a nice one. But finally I have some that look nice. Made from a standard but very nice plastic tumbler that actually looks like glass.
And of course MY instructions!

Price: £12

Multiplying Golf Balls

One ball becomes two and two becomes three should be in the repertoire of every magician. Produce a ball at your fingertips. In rapid succession four balls between your fingers.
Just as swiftly, the balls are caused to vanish one at a time until nothing is left.

Each ball is made of rubberized plastic for easy grip. The balls have that ’stick’ to them that makes easier manipulating. The color (a vibrant yellow) is dyed completely through the ball. No more of slippery balls that fall easily. Will not chip or crack. Comes with three balls and a gimmick.

Price: £10

Sorry Temporarily out of stock - Email me I have other mutiplying balls in stock

Needle through Balloon

Can a needle pass right through a balloon without popping it? Of course it can!!!

The spectator blows up the balloon. You the magician take a sharp 45-cm long stainless steel needle, thread a thick cord through it's eye, then push the everything right through an inflated balloon!

The needle passes through, the cord passes through, it's a clear balloon & the audience actually sees the penetration from start to finish. The balloon will not pop!

Self working, mind boggling, easy to perform, supplied with the needle and Transparent Balloons.

Self working. Mind Boggling. Easy to perform

Price: £10

Vanishing Bird Cage

The magician holds a brightly polished metal cage between the palms of his hands. Suddenly, while surrounded by closely watching spectators, the cage disappears. The sleeves are pulled up and the coat is opened but the cage has completely vanished! This is one of the most popular effects in stage magic and should be in every magicians repertoire. This beautiful all-metal cage is meticulously hand-crafted and may easily be held in one hand prior to performance, yet vanish instantly with very little effort. Absolutely silent and built to last a lifetime, the Milson-Worth style Vanishing Bird Cage is one of the finest pieces of magical apparatus available to the magician!

The Vanishing Bird Cage is a classic piece of magic, created by Bautier de Kolta, (who designed this as a cylindrical cage), redesigned by De Biere in the rectangular form familiar today, and made famous by the Blackstones (Senior and Junior) and the incredible sleeves up version by Tommy Wonder. as an outstanding magical illusion. Because of the set up and handling required for effective performance, it is also an item attempted by very few performers.

Comes with everything needed to perform this amazing effect, including illustrated instructions. (Supply your own canary!)

Imagine making a bird cage vanish into thin air! For example, show a small bird in a cage. Set him free and show the audience he is free forever by making his former home disappear! An excellent and impressive finale.

Approximate dimensions of cage- 6" x 5"

Price: £35

Equal - Unequal Ropes - Professor's Nightmare (Deluxe)

Prof nightmareThe great Magi shows three pieces of rope each a different length. One short - one medium and of course one long. He takes the ends, three in each hand and pulls… To the surprise of everyone the pieces of rope seem to stretch until they are all the same length. After showing each rope clearly now the same length you reverse the process and each rope returns to it's original size and of course all three pieces can be minutely examined. Easy to do and a real stunner one of the great classic tricks of all time. You've simply got to have it.

Price: £6

As you may know Fantasio has ceased production of his canes and candles so this is all I have left...

I do however have a couple of 2nd hand items Drop me an email.


Vanishing Candle - White

The Magician displays a tall Candle and lights it. He then touches the flame and instantaneously, the candle vanishes or changes into a silk.

Price: £22

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