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Split Decision - Joe Riding

A trick with 3 climaxes………
A single playing card is placed face down on the table, this is "The Prediction". A pack of cards is introduced that has been literally cut in half. A card is chosen from each "half" of the deck. These are then placed side by side with the prediction.

The back design matches…Amazing…Not really I suppose, but then you show them that all the other cards from that half of the deck have a different coloured back.

Wouldn't it be better if the faces match… Not really because then they wouldn't match your prediction!

And lastly if they'd picked any other card from that half of the deck it would have messed up the trick completely. You turn over the cards and they are all blank !

Entirely self-working…Difficult to describe on paper but believe me it packs a punch. This sells every time I demonstrate it. It really is good.

Price: £18

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Comedy Glass in Paper Cone - Bazar de Magia

The magician announces that he will try to make an interesting experience, although he is not sure if he remembers it well.

The magician takes a sheet of paper and makes a paper cone. After that, he stops, and says (as talking to himself): "Was it this way...?...well, it does not matter too much..." And he proceeds with his trick." I have to put a glass inside the cone... yes, that is it, I remember now!..." (and he put the glass in the cone). At this moment, he shows to be hesitating again. Then takes the glass out of the cone and leaves it on the table, while saying: "...or no, I remember it right: the glass does not go into the cone..." Immediately he takes a bottle of water and pours the water into the paper cone, while saying: " I is important to pour enough water in the cone...." Again he hesitates and suddenly he exclaims: "...oh no...the glass had to be inside the cone!..." And he put the glass inside the paper cone. He shows now to be relieved, as everything is right. Slowly, he opens the paper cone: it is dry, and the glass is filled with the water! He takes the glass and toast for the successful experience!...

Complete, very easy to do, ready to perform. Also includes a second funny routine to be performed with an assistant or a clown.

Classic Line's Comedy Glass in paper Cone is made of super transparent heavy plastic specially designed by Bazar de Magia, it's size is big and works perfectly. This is one of funniest kids-show tricks with the quality of Bazar de Magia.

Price: £15

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Cobra Kiss - Hondo and Magic Soul - (2nd hand)

Cobra Kiss is a brand new version of Russian Roulette effect. You don't need to prepare any gun, nail, or big stapler guns any more. With 5 pocket staplers and one handkerchief, you can do the magic routine easily in everyday life situation.

The 5 gimmicked staplers are specially designed that the total size of the staplers can be minimized as small as a normal Bicycle deck. So you can carry them easily when leaving home.

The secret of Cobra Kiss is also powerful. It's very safe and complete self-working. It has the following features:
The audience can examine everything before and after performance.
The loaded stapler is selected freely by the spectator.
The magician doesn't see when the spectator selects and loads the stapler.
The staplers are shuffled under a normal handkerchief, so even the audience doesn't know which one is loaded.
Only one stapler is loaded.
No thread, magnet, mark or extra stapler.
No stooge or assistant.
No electric device.
Reset in one second.
Easy to carry.
Every Cobra Kiss contains 5 gimmicked staplers and the instruction DVD with English, Japanese and Chinese subtitles. In the DVD, you'll see the full instruction and tips by Hondo.

Altho listed as 2nd hand. It has been used only a couple of times. In as new condition.

Price: £30

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Short - Kreis Co.

The performer displays two identical bolts.

A spectator chooses either of the bolts.

According to the spectator's choice, the performer takes the bolt and begins to shakes it up and down. The bolt gradually gets shorter and shorter until it is only half its original size.

The shortened bolt and the other normal bolt can be handed to the audience for examination.

A beautiful piece of engineering and easy to do!

One left.

Price: £35

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Out Of The Blue - Mick McCreath

Here's an amazingly versatile mindreading effect that will astound your audience.

You show your spectator some cards with different numbers printed on both sides.

None of the numbers are repeated and nothing is hidden or changed; the same cards are used from start to finish.

You ask them to shuffle and place down the cards in a random face up/down combination.

At this point you demonstrate that had they turned over the cards in a different combination it would have generated a completely different number.

They are free to change their minds as many times as they like until they settle on a combination that they are happy with.

The numbers on each card are totalled up - you then pick up your wallet that has been on the table the whole time and remove an envelope. Inside that envelope is a card with a number on it that matches the generated number.

Within minutes of opening Out of the Blue you will be able to perform amazing self-working predictions.

The custom printed cards provided do all the work for you with a method that is so diabolically easy you will smile every time you do this!

With Out of the Blue you can:

Predict the number generated on the cards with 100% accuracy every time.
You can predict the number and a word on a page number in a book.
You can generate a random number and count down that many cards in the deck to find the card at that number. You then reveal you have a matching card in your wallet.
You can show a numbered list of random items, have a number generated and predict or magically produce that item.

These are just some of the things possible with Out of the Blue - once you get your hands on these cards your mind will be buzzing to find different ways of using them!

Here’s just 7 reasons why you’re going to love Out of the Blue:

Requires no memory work; the cards do it all for you
There is no calculation needed; the cards do it all for you
No palming
It is SO easy to do
It can be used for parlour or stage with larger reveals

You are provided with the custom printed number cards and other items so you can start performing straight away.

Price: £22

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Token - Paul Richards

Their symbol ALWAYS matches your prediction that has been in plain view the whole time.

You place a simple paper envelope on the table containing small metal token. You now introduce five ESP cards, which you openly mix. The packet is given to a spectator, who is asked to turn the cards face down and select any one they wish. The selected card is placed aside, or in the spectator’s pocket. No one – including the spectator – knows what symbol has been selected.

The token is now removed from the envelope – an ESP symbol is displayed boldly printed on one side. The spectator removes his card to reveal – the exact same symbol!

Only one Token is used and it is in the envelope from the beginning of the routine.

There is no force, any symbol can be selected and it will be different each time.

The spectator can mix the cards.

Only five cards are used. No sleights.

Resets in seconds.

Totally examinable.

Additional handlings are covered including, a method that uses a single business card instead of the symbols. An excellent approach that puts your business card in the spectator’s hands to keep!

Comes complete with all necessary props and detailed instructional DVD with additional ideas and insights.

Direct and diabolical close up mentalism!


Price £32
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Criss Angel

12" x 9" 2006 Calender

Signed in silver ink

Again Would look great framed, possibly the "calender" bit cut off which would make it 10x9-ish.

This was part of a one off limited run, put out by Murphys Magic back in 2005/6

Price: £29

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Deluxe Box of Tricks - Marvins

A unique, special edition set celebrating the 30th anniversary of Marvin’s Magic that contains professional magic tricks hand-picked by Marvin himself. We made just 3,000 of these top-selling sets, so it’s almost a collector’s item already!

We’ve taken magic sets to the next level to mark 30 years of Marvin’s Magic! This set features over 100 definitive magic tricks and professional-quality equipment even Marvin would be thrilled to receive!

Our limited edition Deluxe Box of Tricks comes beautifully presented in a unique, double-layered black-and-gold display case with red flock-fleeced interior.

This Deluxe Box of Tricks includes:

Dynamic Coins set: a modern classic, precision-engineered in solid brass.
Authentic Himber Wallet: a staple utility device of professional magicians worldwide.
Magician’s silk and secret gimmicks: for astonishing empty-handed vanishes and productions.
Professional-sized Magician’s Cups in impact-resistant ABS polymer and classic gold finish: Cleverly concealed gimmickry allows for many powerful effects, including
Classic Cups and Balls routine with cotton pom-poms.
Ingenious built-in Chop Cup feature with special crochet balls.
Unique Flying Coins routine, made possible through ingenious, undetectable engineering.
Svengali Cards: preferred tool of expert magicians for over a century.
Multi-purpose Miracle Cards: putting expert mind-reading and sophisticated card control within reach – without the years of frustrating study!
Coins and Cards Matrix: an acclaimed pinnacle of visual sleight-of-hand, made simple through deceptive gimmicks.
Cloth-bound hardback instruction book containing over 100 amazing tricks.
Magician’s Wand in classic black and gold
Collector’s Edition embossed Marvin’s Magic silver steel tokens.

RRP: £150

Price: £99
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Rattle Box

Davenports c.1940's

Again this beautifully made prop was probably made in Germany as were many of the wooden "tricks" of the earlier part of the century.

Cause any coin, ring etc. placed into the box to vanish and reappear at a location of the magicians choice. A very simple and deceptive vanish.

This particular model is in beautifully pristien condition.

No instructions

Price: £45

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Complete Don Alan Chop Cup book - Ron Bauer

This is a comprehensive depiction of Don Alan's theories, handling, and presentation of the Chop Cup. It's his way of doing it, not merely a replication of a single performance.

THE REAL WORK on how Don loaded, got the laughs and set up for doing his classic routine.

This is the first time all the subtle work has been published.

The 28 pages, with fabulous photos and drawings of "The Complete Don Alan Chop Cup" is all you could ask for and MORE.

Price: £10

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The Pro PK Kit

(a.k.a. The New Micro 5) Your spectators will scream. This REACTION MACHINE will enable you to perform the most powerful street and mentalism effects in the world. Easy to use. Highly Recommended!!!

"You could start a religion with this!"

Make matches stand in a spectator's hand, stop watches, move objects with your mind and much, much more!!!

People will believe you are a real psychic!

For over 10 years magicians around the world have been whispering about the Three Hundred Dollar Micro 5...

This incredible tool is finally available to magicians of all levels... at a price that makes it very hard to resist!

The Pro PK Kit includes the Micro 5 PK magnet, the thinnest & most powerful PK magnet available, with a lifetime guarantee. No other PK magnet is as thin and as strong. Thin enough to conceal on your wrist, under a coat, yet strong enough to penetrate the thickest hands and tables.

You also get the PK Book of over 70 routines and tips, a manuscript of additional routines, plus 2 'brass' rings, a Shim Shell Coin, Shimming supplies and a custom wrist strap,

There is no end to the strong magic that can be created with the Pro PK Kit.

Over 70 effects come with this package, and many more affects are possible.

Micro 5 measures 2" x 2" x 0.5"

What You Get
The New Micro 5 - The thinnest & most powerful PK magnet available, with a lifetime guarantee.
The PK Book - Over 70 routines and tips
A manuscript of additional routines
2 'brass' rings
A Shim Shell Coin
Shimming supplies
A custom wrist strap
The ability to perform some of the most powerful mentalism effects ever imagined.

Price: £85 Special. last one. Now unavailable!
ONLY: £65

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Psychic Bolt

Read your spectators mind in a fun and novel way.

Three cards are shown that have an image of a colored rod on them. The spectator is asked to select one and not share with anyone else. Three matching colored rods are then introduced to which a bolt is then attached to each. These are then dropped in to a see through bottle for all to see.

The spectator is then asked to concentrate on the colored rod he is merely thinking about and then, as the bottle is gently shaken, the bolt on the corresponding colored rod then completely comes off! Everything is completely examinable at the beginning and end.

Comes complete with everything ready to goand is extremely easy to do, you’ll be performing this straight away after learning the sneaky secret.

Sold elsewhere at twice the price...

Price £8

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Elastic Invisible Thread Loops

If you want to do some "real magic", then there has not been a finer magician's gimmick in the last decade than the Elastic Invisible Thread Loop. It is one of the most practical of all invisible thread "systems" - you can wear it all day, and are ready to perform any time, any place, for any audience. They are completely invisible, and yet very strong. Modern technology has made this classic magicians accessories into a miracle gimmick that makes so much more possible - the material from which these loops are made was not available to magicians till a few years ago, even if magicians have used "invisible thread" for centuries. You can animate or levitate light objects. You can make a deck of cards cut itself for a haunted deck effect. Make a borrowed fork or a pair of spectacles move in an impossible manner. Once you start playing around with these, your imagination is the limit of its possibilities. This is not push-button magic. As for any good effect, you need to practice. But it is the easiest and most practical form of "IT" to handle and use.

You receive a packet of 5 loops, (you may break or loose one or two in the initial stages, but when correctly handled, each loop can be used for dozens if not 100`s of performances). Ideal for table hoppers, close-up workers, bar and cabaret workers, and with a little imagination even for platform and stage workers.

Price: £3

Special offer 2 packs £5

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Bang Card

A very novel prop for the discovery of a selected card. Forget expensive card swords...

A spectator selects a card from a deck. It is shuffled back into the pack. Performer introduces a large and colourful 'gun', and asks the spectator to ruffle the deck towards the gun.

BANG goes the gun and the selected card appears at the tip of the gun! The audible and visual combination of the production make for a stunning impact on any audience!

Yes, this works on the same principle as the BANG GONE Silk Vanisher prop, except that in this case it is a large and attractive Gun shaped prop, made durably in board, and offset printed in vibrant colours.

The card is forced for the effect, but we give you five cards in each outfit, so you can present this for the same audience with a different card for different shows.

Bang Card is a large stage size prop that enables you to present a card trick for a large audience. Packs flat.

Price: £9

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Siberian Transport Chain Escape

So what have you been up to in lockdown..." Let me tell you.

The Siberian Transport Chain Escape

Whilst here in "lockdown" I have taken every version of this escape and read every thing I can find that has been written Etc. Etc... I discovered that most variations available on the market, not only today but over the years, are not quite right.
The instructions mostly the same, some written better that others.
But the chain...
Every one supplies the wrong style of chain even the expensive "Olde Worlde" versions. In my research of the original transport chains, I have found this style of chain was the original style. (You can actually see this in the pictures of Houdini performing the escape!) Also with the exception a French variation that is quite ornate, the original Transport Chains looked the one I have now supplied. So you actually have a duplicate of the original escape that Houdini made famous!
I have had a few of these made (12) when they are gone I am not sure if I can get more done. I have taken all the instructions I can find and rewritten them and added a couple of bits to make them as easy to understand as possible. You can add this to your act almost immediately! (I have!)

Come complete with Chain, padlock and of course comprehensive instruction!

Limited number available...

Siberian Transport Chain Escape

This is the very same escape that Houdini had to stand in a German court of law to prove that he could actually escape from what was said by the German police to be inescapable.

He of course did escape and this very escape brought him more publicity than he could have ever brought for money!

The performer offers for examination a steel chain and a padlock. He is then securely chained and locked by a member of the audience. There is no doubt that he is tightly chained as the chain is seen to press deeply into his flesh. Instantaneously the performer frees himself in full view, leaving no clue to his method.

The chain and padlock are still intact and impossible to put back on without unlocking the lock.

Everything may be examined before and after the escape. There are no trick links, trick lock, etc., but there is a clever secret. The escape is easy, foolproof and instantaneous.

You can also put the spectator into the same chains and they will be unable to escape.

NOTE: Unlike most other versions available on the market some costing twice / three times more, this version is made using the same style of chain as used by Houdini. A duplicate of the original "Transport Chain"

Want to add something a little different and special to your act. Highly recommenced. You can do this!

Supplied complete with Chain and Padlock and of course comprehensive instructions.

Price: £18

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Card Catcher - Steve Shufton (2nd hand)

Welcome to the VERSATILE world of the Shufton Card Catcher!

Whether you are at a meet and greet, or out on the street, you are always ready to dazzle with the Card Catcher! Instant, stunningly visual magic at your fingertips with playing cards, credit cards, business cards, paper money, written predictions - you are as unlimited as your creativity! And, you are ready to perform again with no reset!

The Shufton Card Catcher is a sturdy, specially constructed windowed envelope that puts your miracles center stage any time you want to perform them. You won't be caught off guard again with the Card Catcher in your pocket! Many stunning, highly visual effects are possible with this precision made, specially die-cut device. Objects will appear, vanish and transpose with ease, leaving your audience spellbound!

Many possible effects, always ready to go:

The Card Catcher:
The Card Catcher is empty - they can see into it through the windows! A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. Tap the deck with the Card Catcher, and a card appears inside it INSTANTLY! Remove the contents - it is their SIGNED CARD! Impossible!

Signed Transposition:
An unknown playing card is slid into the Card Catcher. They can see it through the windows at ALL TIMES. They select a card, sign it and return it to the deck. The card that was put in the Card Catcher before the selection - that has been in full view the whole time - is now removed. YES! It is their SIGNED CARD! This puts a terrible cramp on their brain!

Card to Wallet:
Have the Card Catcher in your wallet, or in another envelope. You are ready to do card-to-wallet at any time! NO PALMING! Put the card catcher into an envelope and mail it to your client with instructions not to open it until you are there! When you see him, have him select and sign a card and return it to the deck. The envelope he received in the mail is opened, and the Card Catcher is found within with a playing card "prediction" that can be seen through the windows. Watch his brain explode when the playing card is removed and it is HIS SIGNED CARD!

Torn and Restored Card or Bill:
They see a bill or card in the Card Catcher through the windows. Remove the bill or card and tear off a corner, handing it to the spectator for safe keeping. The bill is completely torn up and vanished. A bill can be instantly seen to appear in the Card Catcher! It is removed - the bill has been fully restored, but it is missing a corner. The spectator is still holding the corner, and of course it is an exact match!

Psychic Serial Number Reading From a Borrowed Bill:
A spectator provides a bill, which they fold up and slide into the Card Catcher - you don't want to even touch it! They can see the bill at all times through the windows, but the serial number is not visible - it is in the inside folds of the bill, which they folded themselves. It remains in view at all times on your outstretched hand. Almost immediately you start receiving psychometric impressions (perhaps with a dash of cold reading thrown in!), and you ask a spectator to write down a series of numbers as they occur to you. When the bill is removed from the card catcher and handed directly to the spectator, they open it up and discover that the serial number perfectly matches your divination! A psychic miracle with a borrowed, unseen dollar!

Business Card Open Prediction:
You write a prediction on the back of one of your business cards, and slide it into the Card Catcher where it remains in full view, though you cannot again touch it. They select a random number, or a birthdate, etc. When the business card is removed, the prediction matches! Not only a stupefying mental miracle, but a great way to give out your business card! Your Swami routine just got A LOT STRONGER - leaving no possible explanation!

Business Card Transposition:
Their business card is slid into the Card Catcher, where it can be seen at all times. A snap of the fingers, and it has changed into YOUR business card! A great impromptu piece of BUSINESS!

The Prediction Matches:
With a deck of ESP cards, or my preference, a normal deck of cards, this effect is a fine piece of mentalism theater! The mentalist selects a card from the deck as a prediction. It predicts the color and value of a card the spectator will randomly select. The odds are only one in 51 because only one other card in the deck will match. The mentalist places the prediction in the windowed envelope, back showing through the windows, so there can be no manipulation or funny business. Once in the envelope it is a committed prediction, which cannot be changed, yet it remains in full view at all times.

The deck is shuffled and otherwise shown to be a full deck, in a completely random order. Cards are dealt off the pack one at a time until the spectator says stop. Without looking at it, the card is left on the table (or in the spectator's hand) face down. It is shown that the other cards in the deck surrounding the selection are truly different.

The magician must show his prediction first or it wouldn't be fair! The prediction is removed from the envelope and turned face up on the table. Now all that remains is to see if the spectator's free selection will match your prediction - and, of course, it does! Astonishing!!

All of these effects are possible, and many more, with the Shufton Card Catcher!

Painstaking effort and meticulous attention to detail were required to bring you this incredibly versatile prop. Professional artwork, and a booklet crammed full of ideas, concepts and effects make this a pleasure to own, and even more so to perform!

Each Card Catcher is precision made, die-cut, hand assembled and tested to make sure you have a magical device you can be proud to use.

Comes complete with the Card Catcher, an ungimmicked duplicate, and a 28 page booklet, filled with 8 hard-hitting, audience tested routines to get you started!

2nd hand but as new

Price: £18

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The erudite magi of mystery places three Tarot cards upon the table. "The Hanged Man", "The Tower" & "The Wheel of Fortune".

The spectator choses one of them… The magi of mystery proves that the choice was foretold!

A classic three way out card trick made in Tarrot cards.

Price: £6

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Mumbo Jumbo
Half Cut
- Will The Cards Match - Two Way Split

3 Miracles with large cards "cut in half"
(Each half a card is approximatley the size of a normal size poker card)

3 simple tricks that arevirtually self working.

Will the cards match?
Five playing cards are shown which have been literally cut in half. They are mixed, and dealt into two piles of five. With the help of the spectator, who choses which pile to work with each time, and each move, the cards are paired face down. When the pairs are revealed, they have magically paired with their correct other half!

Half Cut
The magician shows 6 large cards that have been cut in half they are made into a pile and mixed. The spectator chooses ANY number 1-12. The spectator is given the "half-a-card at that number. (They can even choose to count from top or bottom of the stack).
The Magician now spells the word "MAGIC" removing one card for each letter. The next card is placed with the previously chosen "half". Of course the two halves match.

Jumbo two way split - Nick Trost
The performer displays a number of Jumbo Cards which have been cut in half. After these are shuffled by a spectator, the performer writes a prediction which is held by a spectator. Two spectators each mentally note and remember one of the half-cards. Each spectator then removes the half card of which he is thinking. When cards are turned face up, THEY MATCH! And - the prediction is also shown to be correct!

No forces. Cards are freely mixed by the spectators. Prediction is made before the cards are selected.

Three great tricks that you can routine together or do each one separately.

Price: £6

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Conjurers Outfit

Cica 1950's

These sets seem to have come in a variety of "sizes", but mostly I have come across this one. 14 tricks.

The two sets below are almost identical. With one exception!
Box 1 has the wire spiral illusion.
Box 2 has a trick with ring and string.
Box 2 seems to be a slightly newer version. Possibly early 1960's

Neither box has any makers mark on them.

Conjurers Outfit - Box 1
Click on image to view larger picture

This set is complete and in pretty good condition throughout everything that should be there is there.

One small tear in the bottom edge of the box lid. A piece of the picture has ripped off where some sellotape was on the left side of the box lid.

Finally... If you look at the enlarged picture you will see where someone has drawn on the box lid. They have filled in the "S" in stage and written in the words. Also some scribbling across the words conjurers outfit.. Although not as noticeable as you expect. A couple of other small marks.

In all apart from the marks in nice condition

Price: £30

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Conjurers Outfit - Box 2
Click on image to view larger picture

Generally this set is in excellent condition. Its only flaw I can find is the top right corner of the tray has torn but is almost unnoticeable.

Otherwise it is complete and in very nice condition. No marks on the box at all

The colouring on the lid is very clean and bright. Although the contents are all but one identical, I would say this aimed at a slightly younger demographic.

Price: £35

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A touch of magic - Peter Pan
Click on image to view larger picture

Peter Pan Magic Set Series 7013

This lovely Peter Pan magic set seems to originate in 1969 from Peterbrough (UK) based Peter Pan Playthings.

It is still in its original cellophane wrapping although a couple of tears in the cellophane. It is still in Perfect condition throughout, the box included.

(Please remember these prices include postage!)

Price: £35

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Top Hat for Nielsens Cane to table (Hat only)

Whilst tidying the basement this morning I came across this...

As many of you will know I used to sell Norm's stuff here in the UK and sold several of his "Cane to Tables" I also sold the top hats to match. This was one of them.

BRAND NEW - Satin - Folding Opera Hat. - The gimmick is already professionally installed by Norm


These currently retail at $350 which is about £260... Without the gimmick!!!!

Norm used to wholesale them at the price he paid which was about £180...

As I do not have a cane to sell/use this with, not a lot of point in me keeping it!

So you can have this beauty for £110 Inc P&P (UK only). Yes I know I'm insane!

NOTE this gimmicked for the Norm Nielsen Cane and Hat to Table. Hat Only! No Cane!

Price: £110

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Stretching a Rainbow - David Ginn / Practical Magic (2nd Hand)

A four-foot silk streamer visually stretches to 20 feet right in your hands!

Quote from David Ginn... As a teen I did Milbourne Christopher’s Stretching a Rope in many shows. Now I’ve done it with a silk streamer in over 400 live shows! Show or produce (thumbtip) a 4-ft silk streamer. Wave it around freely, then begin to pull it back and forth between your hands. Suddenly the streamer becomes LONGER…6 feet, 8 feet, now 10 feet long, and the stretching continues until the streamer is fully 20 feet long and can be waved freely with the hands empty.

This is beautiful visual silk magic! I supply a 2" x 4-ft streamer, a 2" x 16-ft streamer, both gimmicked here in Ginnville, plus detailed instructions as I do the effect.

As New. Technically 2nd hand but unused.

Price: £10

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Himber Ring - (Top Hat Magic/Bruce Kalver)

Long since discontinued.

Wasn't until I was asked to track one down did I realise how difficult they were to find.

I managed to track a couple down for the person in question. I also decided to find one for me. In doing so I found two. One Oval and one Square. I decided to keep the oval version and part with this one!

These are now incredibly rare and very hard to find. so don't kick yourself later.

Price: £50

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Any Card to Wallet - Rich Bloch / Collectors Workshop
(2nd hand)

A mind-blowing effect from the ever creative Rich Bloch.

The performer tosses out a deck of cards asking the spectator to look through the deck (not to remove a card) and to MENTALLY select any card. This being done the pack is tossed back to the performer.

The performer removes his wallet from his coat pocket and with a finger snap, says (jauntily) “Your card is now in my wallet.” Opening the wallet, a single face down card is seen. “Look familiar?”, quips the performer.

Responding to the derisive hoots and looks of appalled disbelief, the performer tosses the deck to the spectator. “See for yourself,” he says, “and for the first time, name your card.”

The spectator does so, then opens the pack. Spectator looks… and looks … but his card is not there. He counts the cards and there are only 51 cards. Eyes shift back to the performer. “As you can see, there are but 51 cards and this is the fifty-second — your card.” At this, the performer slowly removes the card from his wallet. It is, indeed, the chosen card!

Please remember these important points:

1. No sleights of any kind.
2. The deck is in the spectator’s hands before he reveals his card.
3. No force whatsoever — the spectator’s choice is free and clear.

Honestly, this IS enough for you to discard the rest of your card-in-wallet effects!

Our Any Card to Wallet is made of the finest split leather. You are supplied with everything you need to accomplish this diabolical miracle, including patter.

2nd hand in as new condition. It does however require 2 decks of normal cards (not supplied)

Price: £50

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The Unexpected Visitor - Douglas Brewer / Book

Douglas Brewer was the 1998 SAM Close-Up Champion, and the coin magic routines featured in this, his first book, are fast-paced, resetting, and within the handling abilities of the average coin worker. Just about all of the routines can be done with little or no table space. Included on each routine is Doug's patter and step-by-step illustrations.

Captivating - A three-coin production using your pen and its cap. The routine is the epitome of simplicity (with a gaff that you already own) doing most of the work for you. It's the perfect way to begin your coin act.

EZ Triple Wildcoin - This is as easy as it gets. It's two coins changing TWO TIMES with very little work. It starts with two half dollars magically changing to English pennies. The pennies are placed in a coin purse and when dumped out, they become Chinese coins!

Backhanded - A coin matrix with three coins (from 3 different countries) and a single playing card. The vanishes are extremely clean and rely heavily on the use of sound. The backfire at the end is quite a kicker.

The Famous Three Coin Trick - A multi-phase smorgasbord of coin magic using only 3 coins! With only three half dollars and a coin purse, this is about the strongest opener you could ever perform. Each coin vanishes, is immediately reproduced, and then vanishes again only to jump INVISIBLY back to the purse where they started.

Sounds Familiar - A coins across routine in the spectator's hands that ends on a one-two punch. Uses English pennies and a single Chinese coin ­ simple and memorable.

Chopped Taters ­ Doug's only non coin routine is chop cup routine for table hoppers packed with comedy and surprises. It's got it all ­ a mini cup (that fits unobtrusively in you pocket), and a cute mini potato finale that'll make them cheer. A restaurant worker's dream!

The Hook Revisited ­ An even simpler version of the Jennings classic. Three coins are hung invisibly in the air. The hands are shown fairly after each vanish and you end completely clean after the last coin. There's no handwashing, sleeving, or lapping and you can do it surrounded.

Three Across the Fly - A dual phase coin routine that kicks off with Three Fly and ends with a crisp new Coins to Pocket routine that's candy for the eyes.

Down Spout - One of the easiest, no stress coin-in-bottle routines you'll perform. It plays huge because of how fair it appears.

The After Dinner Trick - A small thimble sized cup plays host to a vanishing act as half dollars mysteriously vanish from it and appear in your empty hand.

85 pages, perfect bound, with illustrations by Tony Dunn.

Price: £20
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Immaculate Transformation - J Scott Berry

Another incredible new effect from Jay Scott Berry, an instantaneous sponge ball to silk transformation! Imagine being able to take a red spongeball from a spectator's hands, show it freely, and, in the blink of an eye, change it into a red silk. With this amazing new gimmick, you can do this and much more: produce, vanish, switch and transform spongeballs, silks and other items. This is Visual Wizardry at its finest, one of the cleanest and most magical effects you will ever perform. Comes complete with 18" Diamond silk, spongeball, special gimmick and holder.

Discontinued: One only in stock

Price: £18

sorry sold out
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Vortex Streamer Production - Jay Scott Berry

This effect is, without a doubt, one of the cleanest barehand productions ever devised. The hand is held to create a "hole in space". The audience can clearly see through the empty hole. From virtually every angle, you can show both hands. Then, you reach into the hole and slowly produce a rainbow streamer almost 6' long!

This effect is very easy to master and comes complete with everything you need to perform, including Cloaking Device, streamer and easy to understand instructions.

Discontinued: One only in stock

Price: £16

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The last bits of Fantasio I have...

FANTASIO World Famous Product features:

Professional Quality
No Danger In Handling
Fast Silent Operation
Safe Operation Oil Not Required
Harmless To Silks
Smaller Hand Load
Durable and Long Lasting
Will Not Cut The Hands

Vanishing Candle - White


Magician displays and lights a 15" candle.

He touches the flame and instantly the Candle vanishes or changes into a silk.

Included is an adapter ring to use it with any holder.

Price: £22

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Vanishing Wand - Black / White tips


The Magician shows his Magic Wand and taps it on the table to prove it solid. As he holds the Wand in his hands, the Wand vanishes or changes into silks, streamers, or confetti (not included).

Price: £22

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Vanishing Flute - Black

2nd hand

The Flute really plays! As quick as a wink the Flute disappears right before their very eyes and ears

A couple of small kinks in the plastic but still works fine

Price: £14

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Vanishing cane - Black 2nd hand

The Fantasio Vanishing Cane (Black) This is one of the most popular and visual stage effects in the world!

The magician steps forward on the stage twirling a cane between the fingers. Then he taps on the floor to prove it is solid. Holding the cane with both hands, one on each end, it instantly changes into two 24 inch silks or four 18 inch silks. It may be done surrounded and very close to the audience.

A couple of small kinks but hidden and unnoticeable works well

No instructions

Price: £14

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Very Rare...
Fantasio Twin Vanishing Candles

These Candelabra's are extremely scarce and sought after by collectors and magicians around the world! Made by the legendary Fantasio, this was a pricey and hard to get item, even when the late Fantasio had it on the market years ago!

The Candelabra was especially designed to hold two Vanishing Candles, so that they would be all ready for vanishing in your routine.

If you've heard of this candelabra, and you've always wanted one, here is your chance to own this very hard to find item- priced to sell fast!

Made of molded plastic, the stand comes apart at the base and a wings section. This set comprises of...
A beautiful twin candle holder (packs flat)
Two vanishing candles
and Handkerchief prepared for the effect
Complete with original instructions.

In great condition generally though I think might have had a couple of small chips in the candelabra repaired at some time.

Price: £65

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Bendix Bombshell - Dave Bendix (2nd hand)

The Bendix Bombshell was invented by Dave Bendix of New Orleans. David gave R.A.R. Magic the full manufacturing and selling rights. It really is a great trick.

Effect: The wallet allows you to perform any signed card to be produced from the wallet effect without any PALMING WHATSOEVER.

There are no awkward moves.
No magnets.
No slits to feed through.
You can use regular and poker size cards.
Manufactured in first class black Morocco leather.

Many hail this to be the best card to wallet ever. Tho it has many other uses,

Not sure who this was made by it might be a Roy Roth (a later one if it is) or possibly Martin Breese.

2nd hand - The wallet is however in good condition. One or two small signs of wear on the outside.

Sorry NO instructions.

Ah Ha! I lied... Just gotten hold of the bendix bombshell book with routines by by top performers.

Price: £40

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Color Diffusion - Gary Jones and Alakazam - DVD

Nothing in card magic wows a spectator more than the colour changing deck. That is why so many magicians use one in there act.

Gary Jones has created a packet trick that combines a great psychological presentation with a knockout colour change ending and because there are only a few cards used in the effect its perfect to carry in your wallet.

As a bonus we also include Gary's great Colour Remix effect. Colour Remix is an easy to do, fun to perform oil and water routine that has a killer kicker of the backs changing colour at the end!!

Comes complete with all the cards you need to perform both routines as well as a full instructional DVD outlining in detail both routines.

Easy To Do
Instant Reset
No Funny Moves Or Counts
All The Impact Of A Colour Changing Deck
No R & S

Price: £20

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Kate And Edith - Doc Eason & Kerry Pollock

(2nd hand)

Stand up comedy magic classic!

It features rhymed patter, which will have the audience rolling on the floor. The routine has been thoroughly audience tested in comedy and magic clubs all over the United States.

During the routine the King of Hearts is removed from between the Queen of Spades and the Queen of Clubs three times. Each time he manages to reappear. Finally, he vanishes in a cloud of laughter!

Comes with four Jumbo Cards, including the special gimmick. The cards are made of sturdy plastic, so they should last a lifetime.

So here's the story of this trick... I purchased this several years ago and put it safely away to learn at a later date. The Later date came, could I find it? NO! after turning both the house and shop upside down gave in and brought another. Several months later sorting through files etc... Guess what I find!!! Yup my original copy. As I don't two sets you can have this one!

This is the earlier edition. Just cards and instructions. No dvd.

Great compere bit and would nicely into any act (for the right crowd).

Used but in as new condition

Price: £35

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Chop Cup - Mini - Aluminum (2nd hand)

Beautiful Aluminum Chop Cup

Not sure of manufacturer but similar style to the "Morrisey" Chop Cup.

Comes with the standard two balls as pictured.


In as new condition. No instructions.

As if YOU need them!

Price: £20

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Chop Cup - Don Alan - Mini (2nd hand)

Rings & Things - Don Alan Chop Cup Mini!

From the very well known "Rings & Things" collection.

This is the "Don Alan" Mini Chop Cup.

Made in Copper, Satin Finish I think. Not wanting to ruin the nice patina it has developed. Complete with two balls. No instructions.

Price: £35

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Knife Through Finger - David Deval

The effect, displaying a small attractive looking cabinet with a hinged door at one side, the performer inserts his finger through the holes on the side of the box (with the side door open to prove this).

A sharp knife (the wider the better) is then pushed into the slot at the top of the box and passes through the slot at the bottom of the box, thus penetrating the enclosed finger!

Immediately examinable, no dummy fingers, instant reset!You get an attractive cabinet, nicely decorated with silver imprint made from durable plastic. It has a hinged door on one side, plus a finger hole at each end. There are two slots, one on the top and one on the bottom, allowing a sharp table knife or dagger to penetrate through the enclosed finger.

Use your own blade/knife

Old stock box has small tear.

Price: £15

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It's A Match - Andy Leviss

Andy Leviss’s IT’S A MATCH has long been a best seller in the world of magic and mentalism.

The effect is simple and straight forward…You display a glass bowl filled with over two dozen matchbooks from hotels around the country. You also show a hotel key card which is placed face down on the table. The key stays in full view the entire time. The spectator randomly removes matchbooks from the glass bowl and stops on any one they choose. The spectator is in complete control and yet when they turn the key over, both it and the matchbook are a PERFECT MATCH!

The spectator FREELY chooses ANY matchbook.
There are NO switches or funny moves.
Perfect for close up or even platform.

This is the original release.

Price £18

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Well look what I found tucked away...

Magic Talking String

One the most novel ways of revealing a card EVER!

You run your thumbnail over this piece of red plastic ribbon and it talks to you. Yes really. Attach it to your card box and off you go to show your friends something really unusal.

The string says: "You chose the Ace of Diamonds"

Price: £3.50

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Confabulation - Alan Shaxon - Ken Brooke

Confabulation. I don't do a great deal of mentalism, this however is one I have performed for over 35 years.

Still to this day people ask after the show how I could have known.

You can now add this effect to your repertoire

This is the original "Alan Shaxon version that was sold by Ken Brooke.

Comes with the confabulation notepad some sample bits etc.

2nd hand, in great condition.

This can of course be used with the above Kaps Wallet or any Card in Wallet - wallet that it will go into.

Of course see the special offer below

Price: £25

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E Pluribus Unum - Timothy Wenk

Timothy Wenk the creator of Misled This is an ingenious device. It will allow you to perform knuckle-busting coin magic without all the painful sleights. Included with this set is the EPU gimmick and a booklet explaining the use and moves as well as three effects: - Coin Assembly - The classic matrix plot EPU-style! - Coin Assembly & Coins Across - Elevator Coins Many other uses will come to mind for the serious coin worker.

Released in 1979, this is an extremely rare item - these seldom come up This one New - Old stock

This model is British 10p

Price: £13

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Ascension - Nick Langham and Alakazam (2nd hand)

A major breakthrough of a classic effect that will go straight into your repertoire!

Walk up to someone with two decks of cards. They choose one and deal through the cards to select any one they want. Keep in mind that you are totally hands off at this point.

They take a look at their card and just concentrate on the value of it. Now slowly and eerily a single, solitary card begins to emerge from the second deck; forcing its way out of the deck and into view. As the face of the card comes slowly into view the audience can see that it is the exact same card that they are thinking of!

Ascension is carefully hand made to be both durable and reliable out of Bicycle stock playing cards.

Totally self working and self contained Instant reset.
Ultra small gimmick can be added to your regular deck quickly and easily

instructional DVD containing bonus ideas & handlings

(2nd hand) Gimick is as new and one deck supplied you will require another normal deck

Price: £25

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Burning Connection - Andy Amyx

Have you ever wanted to produce a flaming business card from your wallet?

The Burning Connection wallet will ignite your business card. When you extinguished the card it then can be handed to a spectator as your "Burning Connection" This is absolutely one of the most impressive ways to presents your business card. The wallet is hand crafted. These wallets feature a thin rechargeable battery. Completely silent gimmick when the card is ignited and a safety on and off switch has been built into each wallet to prevent misfires.

This wallet cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Includes a USB battery recharger for the wallet!

Brand new (old stock)

Price: £25

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Phantom Knife - Richard Osterlind

A miracle from the past is now a reputation-maker that you can always have with you!

The Phantom Knife is Richard Osterlind's updated version of one of the most staggering effects in magic - Harrison's Knife Through Coat!

Richard has taken the basic secret and applied it to today's modern working conditions. He's also changed the apparatus itself, from an unusual, thin pocket knife to a modern Swiss-style knife that is commonly carried today. The apparatus is machined by hand to exacting tolerances and looks and works perfectly!

Basically, you borrow a shirt from someone who is wearing a loose fitting one over a bottom tee. (You can also use your own shirt or handkerchief.) The shirt is stretched out and held by two volunteers. You take out a dollar bill along with a small pocket knife. The bill is placed in the center of the shirt and the knife is lowered under it. Please note that you really do place the knife under the shirt!

The knife is now seen to penetrate the shirt and the bill. The blade is withdrawn...and there is no hole in the shirt! This is repeated a second time and the bill is actually lifted to show the blade penetrating the shirt! Again the knife is removed and there is no hole!

Finally, the knife blade is passed through the shirt once more but this time, the entire knife is passed through the shirt, again with absolutely no damage!

This is one of the most mind-boggling effects in all of magic...and you will be amazed at the incredible secret!

If you were blown away by Richard's performance of this effect on his best-selling DVD set, Live...Without a Net!, you can now add this amazing effect to your own repertoire! Simply drop the knife in your pocket (or attach it to your keychain) and you will be ready for an anytime, anyplace miracle that will make your reputation!

You'll get the specially-machined knife plus a photo-illustrated manual detailing every nuance of Richard's routine.

Price: £35

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Splash Bottle 2.0 - David Stone

Splash Bottle is a gimmick that makes miracles possible. Created by Damien Vappereau and Jean Mark 16 years ago, David STONE uses Splash Bottle in his professional repertoire. It has earned him repeated standing ovations and is without doubt the best bottle production on the market.

In Splash Bottle 2.0 David STONE performs and explains his professional routine, a jealously guarded secret until now! Also included are detailed instructions and performances of 16 professional routines tested on real audiences.

16 routines and more ideas :

Classic Production
Paper Bag
Tadaa !
Spectator 2
Torn & Restored

Supplied with DVD and of course the Splash Bottle gimmick!

Price: £35

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Envy-lope - Chris Turchi & Brandon David

Paul Harris is in top form with this release, in which a deck of cards morphs VISUALLY into a white envelope.

"EXPERIENCE THE ENVY"A brilliant, envy-inducing , adaptation of the PH Vanishing Deck...for a guaranteed "TOTAL WHITE-OUT POWER SURGE" to any card routine!

A lonely lost card is about to appear in an envelope in your pocket...when "BAM!" the FULL DECK in your hands VISIBLY MORPHS into an ENVELOPE! BOTH SIDES of the envelope are IMMEDIATELY and CLEANLY DISPLAYED. There's NOTHING ELSE in your hands. The deck is REALLY GONE! There's now really ONLY AN ENVELOPE in your hands!

Your spectator now reaches into the envelope and pulls out her SIGNED CARD!


ENVYLOPE Morph is completely self-contained. Nothing to add or steal.
Option to start with your normal deck..and perform ENVYLOPE any time you feel like it.
Easy no-moves handling to give out the envelope for examination (although it's really not needed).
Re-sets in Seconds.
Perform surrounded
ENVYLOPE comes complete with DVD, sturdy, easy-to-handle, long lasting gimmick and normal envelope.

Watch your deck morph into an envelope and EXPERIENCE THE ENVY today!

Price: £33
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Soft Touch Wallet Index - Tony Miller

The first wallet index of its kind. It collapses flat in your wallet, yet expands and holds separate playing cards, billets, photos or whatever you need organized in the wallet. Totally silent and a dream to use.

Whatever you are trying to find is standing up in your billfold and is easily removed and also EASILY REPLACED. This makes effects like K.K. By Kenton Knepper much easier and effects that originally required $300.00 wallets are now within everyone’s reach! Heirloom-type effects become so simple with this. A 16 card or photo index makes it all so much better. If you combine this with the Hip Pocket Bombshell wallet you will have a truly amazing utility device. But it converts almost any billfold into a multipurpose index wallet costing much much more.

Price: £16

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20-Oz. Production - Michael Lair

Originally appearing in Michael Lair's book "Stage Cool." Also featured in the June 2005 'Talk About Tricks' column by Joshua Jay in "MAGIC" magazine, and in Joshua Jay's Top 10 of 2005!


Produce a 20-Oz. bottle of liquid any time in your magic act. Works great for close up or stage work.

Comes complete with special gimmick, two 18" silks and detailed, photo illustrated instruction sheet.

Price: £20

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Sharpie Manual - Jesse Feinberg


Mini Sharpies are the newest accessories for magicians... This brand new collection of permanent marker effects has it all!

You'll learn how to make sharpies change color, multiply, shrink, and even vanish. A great visual recap effect is also included! The detailed instructions will teach you everything; it's all very easy to learn. If you already use sharpies as a magicians, this is a must have. Mini Sharpies are included so you can get started right away!

Price: £13

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Turbo Stick - Refill/Replacement

Turbo stick has been one of the most popular tricks of the last year or so.

Once in a blue moon they have been lost "borrowed" or broken.

May you just need a spare or two.

You prayers have been herd and answered.

Here we have replacement paddles. complete with red sponge ball and pens.

Price: £6

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Digital Video Deck - PsycheFx

The PsychFx Digital Video Deck combines a Hi-Tech "card at any number" with a series of of prediction, coincidence and mindreading effects, culminating in a unique give-away or promotional tool.

Richard Paddon has developed a unique concept from a wonderful idea by Dale A Hildebrandt and steadily the idea has exploded into a suite of impressive and cleverly conceived mental effects. Your client, spectator or booker receives a fully playable virtual deck of cards on a DVD. The DVD is not gimmicked in any way but it does hide a clever secret!

During your performance, a personalised prediction effect culminates in the spectator revealing their card at their chosen number using their own DVD player. And.....what's more............ this effect, whilst using a hi-tech aid, in no way uses technology. Clearly it is impossible to tamper with either the DVD or the DVD player.

You receive 2 DVDs. The first is the instructional DVD which features over 2 hours of impressive feats from the likes of Michael Weber, Daryl, Edward De'Ath, Nick Trost, Sean Taylor, Dave Everett and Richard Paddon. Sean and Richard walk you step by step through each effect with multiple methods, sleights, subtleties, hints and tips depending on your level of ability in cards and mentalism. Many of these effects are nearly self-working allowing you to concentrate fully on the presentation.

The second disc is your Digital Video Deck. This is your climax and, quite possibly, your most interesting marketing tool. It has been specially designed for use in any DVD player. This effect can be performed in any location where a DVD player is located. At no time do you need to be near the player. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to be bound by the rights extended to you. You receive full performance rights as well as our full permission to duplicate and distribute the Digital Video Deck to your clients in unlimited numbers.

7 Powerful routines

Almost 2 hours of detailed tuition

Dozens of profession tips, sleights, ideas and marketing ploys

Includes ideas from: Richard Paddon, Michael Weber, Daryl, Dale A. Hildebrandt, Edward De'Ath, Dave Everett, Sean Taylor and Nick Trost.

Very nice and exceptional promotional tool, and very easy!

Long since unavailable. Price was £35+

Price: £22

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Further Commercial Cold Reading
- Richard Webster - CD

Richard Webster's first recording, entitled Commercial Cold Reading, was one of our most successful audios releases ever. During October 2001 Richard Webster came to London and I was able to record this amazing follow-up to Commercial Cold Reading. Here on this CD, Richard teaches a wide variety of techniques and methods that can help you to earn your living as a Cold Reader. Richard is one of the world's leading writers on this subject and the practical knowledge and experience he has gained from giving countless readings, makes this CD vital for those who want to learn and use Cold Reading techniques. This is volume 2 in Richard Webster's cold reading series. Richard Webster was on his way back from the Frankfurt Bookfair in Germany and spent a couple of extra days in London so that Martin Breese and Richard Webster could make a new recording together. This recording updates all the information and provides valuable information that will help magicians improve their knowledge of cold reading. The slant in this recording is how to link magic and cold reading to great effect. A full routine is provided showing how a pack of cards can be used to give a cold reading.

Price: £15

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Celebrity My Choice - Your Choice

Ever wanted to perform night out with the girls but felt its not quite right for your audiences? Well now you can. Made with "Polaroid" style photos.

Naughty but not offensive, this can make a strong impact on an adult audience at the right time. Performer shows pictures of four popular attractive female celebrities, and one ugly one.

He demonstrates how one of the celebrities is to be selected by a process of elimination. Spectator believes he has eliminated the ugly celebrity, only to be surprised by an uglier one ! Supplied complete with instructions.

Price: £4

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Cardiographic - Martin Lewis (2nd hand)

This is the original stage version

In great condition.

The thread will need replacing on the gimmick as some idiot whilst looking at it has broken the thread but that's no problem its just a piece of thread.

Otherwise complete with template, pens and ready sheets for 5 shows.

Price: £55 remember this includes postage...

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Back in stock...

Misers Dream Glass

Imagine producing coin after coin from thin air! This professional coin tumbler, with built-in coin delivery system, makes it possible!

Show both hands empty, then pick up this tumbler from your table. Instantly you start to to pluck coin after coin from the air. Coins from everywhere- each making a loud ringing as it hits the tumbler, to prove you've really dropped the coin inside.

Pull coins from a spectator's ear, nose, pocket- even let the spectator himself "catch" a coin from the air and drop it into the tumbler- hear it clink! The cleverly constructed gimmick attached to the tumbler lets you perform this classic miracle with only a minimum of practice to get your routine smooth. And you can use half dollar sized coins or quarter coins

You can also use the glass to vanish a borrowed coin for later production from another prop. You'll get the special stainless steel tumbler, with instructions.

Price: £12

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Lucky Card Deluxe - Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong

Lucky Card is Wayne’s go to signature effect.

Just imagine the spectator shuffles a borrowed deck of cards while you introduce your “Lucky Card”. The spectator then checks the cards and sees they are throughly mixed. You then ask the spectator to count down to their “Lucky Card”.

On the turn of the last card, you tell the spectator that this is their “Lucky Card”… You ask them to turn over your “Lucky Card” and they match!

This is as good as it gets and as had critical acclaim from magicians all over the world!

Wayne has always carried his “Lucky Card” in a bespoke holder. Made of high quality black and clear plastic so the spectator can see Wayne’s “Lucy Card” at all times. Magnets sandwich the “Lucky Card” between the two layers, making easy for the spectator to open at the crucial time. YES, the spectator opens the holder..

For the first time, this gorgeous “Lucy Card” holder is available to you. A talking point for your shelf at home and for carrying your “Lucky Card” around in.

If you don’t know or don’t have Lucky Card, then you are in for a treat. The holder comes with a full performance and explanation filmed at Alakazam studios with Dave Loosley. With no prior knowledge on how the trick works, Dave asks all the questions that most of you would ask and for the first time, giving a real one to one feel to this instructional digital video.

So whether you have Lucky Card, or are new to this phenomenal trick, we at DTrik : The Magic of Wayne Dobson have you covered.

No force
Regular deck of cards (that can be borrowed)
Can be performed completely “Hands Off” – The performer never touches the cards!

Price: £28

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The magician shows a piece of wire and then asks a spectator to choose a card from a deck. He picks up a lighter and passes the flame under the wire. Incredibly the wire starts moving by itself until, right in front of the spectator’s eyes… it gets into the shape of the chosen card!

A rare effect that is between magic and the kinetic power of the mind.

You can use wiregrams over and over again. People will often want you to "do it again" so we recommend getting more than one for the times this happens. They'll never be able to figure out how you did it, and it will look like real magic.

Price: £6 each

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Pea Can - Brass

A cork is removed from a small brass can and out onto the table drops a yellow pea, a black-eye pea, a green pea and a black pea.

The spectator is asked to select one of the peas. The performer asks: "Would it be magic if the only thing that comes out is the pea you selected?" So, all of the peas are placed back into the can and sealed by the cork.

The spectator begins to say out loud as instructed "I want my pea!" After the performer waves his or her hand over the can, the cork is removed and out into the spectator's hand is poured warm water. (PEE).

Great gag and a mystery too/

Peas my differ slightly to those discribed.

Although largely used for the great gag as above hence it being called the "PEA" can, it can be used to exchange small items, vanish or produce. A very versatile prop.

Complete with "Pea can" Peas and a cork.

Lovely prop with many uses... And a great gag! "M"

Price: £12

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