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Psychokinetic Time - Banachek £18


Banachek's Psychokinetic Time Trick Do you remember the stunning magic effect that Master Magic Man David Blaine used to open his "Street Magic" TV special?

In effect, he borrowed a watch from a man sitting in his car and checked the correct time. He placed the watch back in the man's hands and then asked him to think of a number to move the time. The man said "24" and after a few seconds of mental hocus-pocus, the man opened his hands and saw the watch indeed MOVE AHEAD 24 MINUTES! The reaction was incredible!

Now, you can learn the original method and forcing techniques used for this amazing effect in Banachek's 26- page manuscript Psychokinetic Time. Psychokinetic Time comes complete with nine clear photos and descriptive text that details the ultimate impromptu method for altering the time on a spectator's watch while held in their own hand!

Other effects and concepts with watches are also discussed using the secret principles. No "gadgets" or difficult handling.

This is for the serious magician, mentalist or conjuring enthusiast - but can be mastered by anyone!

Price: £18

Maskelynes magic set - (Gamagic)






Produced by Gamages (Gamagic set no 2)

This set as far as I can make out is actually complete.

(Often you find there is one odd bit missing)







The box itself unfortunatley has two sides missing from the lid.

It also has a small tear in the side of the base.

(You can see this hopefully in the pictures)







The contents however are complete and in outstanding condition

However still an outstanding addition to your collection.

Price: £50

The Book of Fortunes - Alex Elmsley

This is a very rare item put out by the late Ken Brooke.

The book is in mint condition, complete with full instructions.

After a number of comedy questions, the name of the spectators card is found in the "Book Of Fortunes".

Don't miss this if you collect Ken Brooke items

Very few of these were made, you may not see another.

Price: £30

Sorry Sold

Koornwinder Kar - Ken Brooke original

Yes I have another original Koornwinder Kar from the Ken Brooke studios.

This one again in great condition but it has had the decorative lables attached.

And of course comes with its original instruction.

Your chance to own not only a great and very useable trick. But what could be considered a piece of magical history.

Price: £48

Sorry sold

The Perfect T&R cigarette paper - Armandi.

The effect in case you do not know...
A cigarette paper is torn into pieces impaled onto the provided "Hat Pin" type needle which the spectator can can hold. Hands shown cleanly empty at all stages. When the pieces are removed (which the spectator could do) they are of course restored.

Joe Porper has recently remade this and it sells for for £45
This is the origianl supreme version. Exactly the same and yours for

Price: £25

Telepathy Personified - Ron and Nancy Spencer

For years Ron and Nancy have fooled audiences worldwide with their Minds in Harmony act. Here, for the first time, they reveal all of their treasured secrets - secrets that will enable the reader to recreate this act in its entirety. In his foreword to this book Edwin Dawes says:

"Despite the numerous times I have seen Ron and Nancy Spencer present their act it has never palled, the freshness and apparent spontaneity of their interaction (not to mention the challenge for the magician of endeavouring to detect their methods!) has captured the imagination. For much of the second half of the twentieth century Minds in Harmony brought pleasure and mystery to audiences. Now, as Ron and Nancy have retired from performing, they have decided to divulge the details of their techniques, a decision that will be welcomed by those who wish to emulate them as well as by those who are simply curious to learn how it was done. Hard work is the short answer but the reader will find everything he or she needs to set about mastering a two-person telepathic act and one that can be constructed from material that has been tried, tested and proven to be hugely successful."

The Spencer's complete act is revealed here for the first time anyone with the desire to learn a baffling two-way telepathy act need look no further.

This wonderful book has 140 pages together with numerous line drawings and photographic illustrations. It is a large format hardback volume (nine-and-a-half inches by 6-and-a-quarter inches) printed on high quality paper with a full colour, glossy-laminated dust jacket.

Whilst sorting through the drawers... I found one last copy!

Price: £25

Sorry sold out

Long Cat - Short Cat - (Boomerang Illusion)

This version of the classic boomerang illusion will "blow you mind".

You will no longer trust even your own eyes. As you the magician talk about optical illusions, you display two cardboard strips with Cats on them. One Cat has a blue collar the other a red collar. You also show a third strip that is a ruler. With this you prove that the two Cats are the the same length. Then explain the optical illusion. Suddenly it is no longer an optical illusion but reality!

To the eyes of the spectators, it appears that the two strips stretch and shrink.

For the climax, the magician proves that the two strips have actually changed size.

The audience will be fooled by this effect, but so will the Magician! This looks so impossible that you will fool yourself every time you demonstrate it.

Oddly I never thought much about the boomerang effect until I saw this! This has taken it several steps further... Amazing. You WILL love this!

Price: £5

Pit Boss Jr - Alan Wong

You offer to take the spectator on an imaginary walk through a casino. You instruct him to imagine going through the door of the casino and visualizing people playing a game of Craps. Ask him to imagine someone throwing a set of dice and the dice landing on the table. Tell him not to announce the total.

You show some napkins or Post-It notes and point out that they are numbered 1, 2 and 3. Take a napkin or Post-It note #1, pretend to read their mind, and then write down the total of the dice as you visualize it in your mind. Then ball up the napkin or paper and drop it into an empty cup. Now that your prediction is captured, ask them to announce the total of the dice, so they cannot later change things. Then ask them to imagine going further into the casino and visualize a spinning roulette wheel with the ball starting to slow down. Have them visualize where it lands from 1 to 36, but do not say anything. You write down a prediction on #2, ball it up, and toss it into the cup. You ask him to announce the spot on the roulette wheel where the ball ended, so that they cannot change their choice later.

Finally, you ask him to imagine moving on to a Black Jack table and to visualize the dealer's cards with one card face up and one face down. You now ask him to imagine walking behind the table and behind the dealer to peek at the face-down card. You write down a prediction on #3, ball it up, and toss it in the cup. Now ask them to announce the face-down card that he peeked at. Lastly reveal all three predictions and show that all three are correct.

Supplied with instructions and special gimmick for the fantastic mental routine, and many other possible uses that you can carry with you in your pocket.

Price: £13

Sorry sold out!

18+ A collection of card cocktails

The 18+ in the title could represent the legal age at which you could drink at a bar, and legitimately watch the routines in this outfit! Or it could be the number of cards you get in this outfit, or the number of routines detailed for you in this manuscript of routines. You take your pick!

Magic 'at the bar', or for a partying adult audience, gives you an excellent performing platform. You have an audience with the time and inclination to watch, observation skills that are not at their peak, and where a little entertainment goes a long way. You have an audience that is ripe for the type of effects this outfit offers, - all revolving around tipsy themes, with no exceptional skill or sleights.

Most of the effects are completely self-working, just follow the instructions. Others require a small amount of manipulation, well within the reach of the most modest close up performer. These effects could just as easily be performed at a restaurant table, at a hotel, garden party or private function - anywhere close-up magic and drinks may combine!

We supply you 18 "drink" cards, (in an attractive wallet), and a 24 page book of routines to perform with these cards. There are some 18 routines, plus variations.

Pick up the cards, follow the instructions, and we guarantee you some great entertainment at your next party, restaurant or pub session!

Price: £8

Danny Archer's 3-ball Routine

Three Ball Routine by Danny Archer. Danny Archer`s version of the classic three balls routine.

Effect: A rubber ball is magically produced, which then vanishes and reappears. One ball magically becomes two, then three rubber balls. One at a time, the three balls invisibly travel across to the left hand, then all three balls vanish completely!

This is the real work on the legendary 3 ball routine (a staple for Johnny Thompson, David Roth, Bob Sheets Dai Vernon and many other well known pros). Now you can include this classic of magic in your repertoire.

Manuscript and balls

Price: £12

Kolossal Kolored Kards - Obie O'Brien

Four jumbo Five of Diamonds are shown by counting them faces upwards. One card is turned face down, showing a regular back. The other three cards magically turn face down, showing regular backs. One card is turned face up and the other three cards magically turn faces up, as well.

Now for the spectacular climax. The performer now shows that each card has a different and brightly colored back-the regular backs have vanished!

The faces can once again be shown and, if you desire, you can turn the bright color backs into regular backs and end just as you began.

Fits in your jacket pocket. Great for Close Up Table Hopping or on a large Stage!

Price: £16

Universal Floating Gimmick

Defy Gravity!

The Universal Levitator is a wonderful gimmick that allows you to float many objects including soda cans, bottles, cell phones, compact discs, balls, cups, DVDs, glasses, dishes, light bulbs, etc.

You can pick up any CD and cause it to levitate between your hands. While drinking a soda the can suddenly starts to float away from you. Borrow a cell phone and make it defy gravity. Just imagine going into a restaurant, picking up a drinking glass, and floating it and then returning it to the table. Everything can be examined.

- The gimmick is specially made.
- No batteries, threads, or magnets involved.
- Can be put on in seconds.
- Carry it in your pocket.
- No set up necessary, it’s always ready.

These are an extra long version (you can of course cut them shorter if you wish)

No Instructions just the gimmick but if you need instructions... Probably time to take up plumbing!

Price: £3.50

Ghost Box By Mark Mason (JB Magic)

There are dozens of different effects that can be performed with this box. 2 cards are selected from a deck, one is placed face down in the centre of the deck the other is placed inside the ghost box. A snap of the fingers the cards change places. You can even sign the back of the selection and the signature will also transpose.

Any card is selected from a regular deck, signed and returned. The cards are replaced back in the case. Slowly the flap of the case opens and one card rises out of the deck, its the signed selection.

Imagine being able to show a card box EMPTY. But at anytime you can reach inside the box and remove a playing card, business card etc.
Comes with special box, gimmick card and several routines and ideas.

Price: £12

Linking Ropes

The Effect:
Probably self explanitory but just in case...

Three lenghts of coloured rope are used.

Spectators help to tie them into three loops. Ane yes you guessed it! You the master Magician that you are manage to pass solid through solid ala Linking Rings but with rop e!

This however unlike the liking rings that take a while to truly master. You will have this practically perfect in minutes. Leaving you to entertain your audience with its presentation.

Whats more take up very little room. Plays BIG. And no resetting always ready to go!

This is a beautiful set of linking ropes. Good strong "Gimmick" and well made the ends as you might be able to see in the pictures are folded back in on themselves so they cannot come unravelled.

Colours many vary from set to set.

Price: £10

The Twilight Zone

This is truly the ultimate "Wild Card" routine. No table, or spectators hands. It all happens right there in YOUR hands. Perfect for table hopping, walk around any closeup situation. AND, when you have finished its reset and ready to go again. Based around Steve Hamiltons in the hand wild card with my own changes and improvements.

This time however the story is based around a village where its occupants disappear one by one "Court Cards go BLANK"

Very visual, lots of different styles of changes.

Here is my friend Zak Stone performing his routine Here

Or me... Here

You will use this!

Price: £10

Hopping Traditional Chinese coins - AKA Hopping Halves

At last a version of "Hopping Halves" that anyone can afford. Made with traditional looking Chinese coins.

This of course opens up the imagination for all sorts of presentations. Like lovers, these coins they can never be apart...

The effect:
Two coins are shown, a red and a black traditional chinese coin . One of the coins is dropped into your pocket and it immediately reappears back in your hand. The other coin is placed in your pocket and it too hops back. The effect is repeated again and finally, when the poor spectator is about to give up, you open your hand and to his utter astonishment everything has vanished! With this beautiful set of coins the routine is simple to perform and when purchased as a set, represents a terrific value.

Other routines are possbile with the coins supplied

Hopping halves is a trick I use a lot. and never fails to geat great reactions. You won't be dissapointed!

Price: £20

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Gypsy Curse by Peter Kane

One of the all time greats in packet tricks.

Seven ancient playing cards are shown to be six black spot cards and one king of diamonds.

The performer divides the seven cards and asks the spectators to wager as to which group contains the diamond. He tells the story of an elderly gypsy woman having wagered and lost placing a curse upon the cards.

When the magician next attempted to operate his game he found that all the cards are winners. The cards are fanned to show all the faces are king of diamonds and all the backs as normal.

This has become a real classic.

One of my personal favorites. I promise you'll love this!

Price: £10

SWITCH Unfolding The $100 Bill Change - John Lovick

Few objects that magicians conjure with stir the imagination the way proper currency does. Money never goes out of style. Imagine being able to increase a dollar's value a hundred-fold. In the 1970s, a handful of American magicians encountered an Eastern European circus performer named Vlado, who stunned them all by doing just that! Vlado never published his revolutionary bill change, but variations quickly spread throughout the world of magic. Today it is a close-up standard, known as the $100 Bill Switch

SWITCH collects the best work on this subject from magicians around the world. In addition to a thorough description of the original handling, more than twenty variations are meticulously taught using hundreds of crystal-clear line drawings. The routines include Transpositions, Bill to Impossible Location plots, Torn and Restored effects, and several routines that dont even involve money''

Price: £40

Silk Vanishing Box - Teak

You show a small wooden box.

It has two doors, one at the front and another at the rear.

It also has a small hole in either end.

The doors are opened show the box

A simple empty box!

BUT... When a silk is pushed through this attractive wooden box..

it changes colour or it can vanish. It can also be used as a production.

Beautifully made in wood "Teak" with brass fittings

Cabinet is 6" long , 3" high by 2.5" deep.

( 15 cm x 7 cm x 6 cm) approximately .

Price: £28

Floyd’s of Burbank Magician's Insurance policy

.The magician has a card selected by a spectator and after several attempts the magician fails to name the card. Luckily, the performer has an insurance policy for just such occasions.

Issued by the venerable firm Floyd's of Burbank, this Insurance Policy covers performing magicians against failure from warped cards, faulty fingers or rambunctious spectators.

After a few comedy bits reading the policy, it’s unfolded to reveal a huge picture of the chosen card! You’ll receive a copy of the policy and instructions. This is an awesome routine!

The insurance policy is large enough for everyone in the audience to see. It measures approx 24” inches by 18” inches

Price: £5

Jumping Jelly Beans - Eric Lewis and David Kaye


Two children are invited on stage. Three yellow jelly beans are placed one by one in a yellow bag, which is held by the first child - then three in the pink bag held by the other child - and finally three in the purple bag held by the performer.

After some byplay one jellybean is removed from each bag, shown and replaced, to establish which colors are in each bag.

Then the magic happens.... .
Each bag is shown to hold only ONE bean of each color!

This routine is based on "tricolor" an effect by Eric Lewis, published in his book A Continuation of Miracles. The routine and presentation and patter was created by one of the best kids entertainers in the business today. Not only is this a strong magical effect, but it also has lots of fun audience involvement, and a presentation that encourages sharing between children.

Everything needed for the effect is included

- three colored magic bags
- 9 magic jelly beans

Price: £32

Classic Card to Wallet by Wayne Dobson / Tony Curtis


A card is freely selected, signed and returned to the deck, which is then sjhuffled. Removing a wallet from inside his jacket pocket, the perfomrer then unzipes a compartment and clearly removes the signed card from within. An impossible miracle, yet easier than you might think!

Wallet Dimensions : 4 x 6.75 inches or 10.16 x 17.15 cm

Yes the all time classic "Kaps" / Balducy style wallet made by Tony Curtis as with all of Waynes leather goods so you know the quality. And if Wayne has put his name to it... Enough said I think!

Selling elsewhere between £60-£75. Yours for the incredibly cheap bargain....

Price: £50

Chick Pan - Bazar De Magia

The magician displays a small (5-inches round) aluminum pan and opens it, showing the inside empty.

He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live "Chick" (or any other object which fits inside) appears!

Great for producing a small cup cake or sweets.

High-quality spun aluminum with a quick-action release and air hole on the lid.

Price: £30

Appearing Cane (Metal / Black) - Handsome Criss / Taiwan Ben Magic

This is the best cane on the market today. Materials, craftsmanship and smooth action sets this cane apart from the rest! Each cane is hand inspected before going out.

The package includes the Appearing Cane with DVD detailed Instructional Video.

Video Contents:

How to prepare the Appearing Cane Methods
Wave Silk To Cane
Toss Silk To Cane
Fist Silk to Cane
Spin Silk to Cane
Fire Silk to Cane
Confetti to CaneAppear Top Hat Silk to Cane
Silk Knot to Cane
Twister Silk to Cane

I have used (and probably Abused) many canes over the last 35 or so years this is very nice!

Price: £40

Vanni Bossi's Miracle Coin Purse (2nd hand)

This has become something of a unique collectors item. Long since unavailable.

What looks like a standard mans coin purse enables you to perform many miracles...

Switch coins
Secretly retrieve anything placed inside it and of course the reverse...
Signed card to purse

And of course much more.

Price: £30

Baby Jade Rings and Coins - Alan Wong

This set of classic Rings and Coin trick comes with two REAL JADE BRACELETS that makes it a collector's item. From a small velvet bag you bring out two small jade rings, a red lucky envelope and carefully place them on top of the bag. You explain that the jade rings are traditional lucky charms for newborn babies in China, and newly wed couples give away "lucky money" on their wedding day with these lucky envelopes. From the red envelope you drop out a shiny gold Chinese coin that represents luck and prosperity. Tell your spectator you want to send her good luck and prosperity by performing a ritual using these lucky items. You place the rings over the coin with the red envelope in the middle, and then make a wish to send it your friend. You slowly remove the envelope and the coin is gone! You then repeat the actions and show that the coin has magically reappeared under the ring - "because the blessing will always come back to you one day."

Each baby jade rings set comes with 10 golden brass Chinese coins (for give away), two red envelopes ( one more to spare) for the lucky money. The envelopes are embossed with the Chinese character "Double Happiness". The baby jade rings ( about 2" diameter) are authentic REAL JADE, and all the items are contained in a drawstring black velvet bag. The whole trick's effectiveness lies in this bag, which acts as a black-art mat and performing surface, giving it a good reason to be there. Many presentations themed around "Luck," "Prosperity," and "Blessings" can be created using these fine props. A separate smaller velvet bag is included to store and protect the jade rings when they are not in use. Instructional DVD included. Very easy to perform and great story telling piece. This elegant set of close-up magic can be carried in any close-up case or even in your pocket, always ready to perform.

Alan has added a lovely subtly to this trick as well as making it with very nice props and remember these are real Jade rings, hence the price!

Price: £65

The Egg Bag (Malini) DVD & props by Luis de Matos

Luis de Matos performs and explains his professional routine for the Malini Egg Bag. In this classic effect an egg vanishes and reappears inside a little black bag. What makes this version so strong is the finale in which a live chick is produced and given to the astonished child volunteer.

This effect has been a highlight of Luis de Matos' shows for over a decade. A Malini Style Egg Bag is included in the DVD. Full instructions are given for the handling of the egg bag, the presentation and the final load. Also includes full details about handling the livestock and presenting it as a gift to your volunteer. This is an effect that will be remembered by your audiences for years to come.

You are supplied with a very nice "Malini" style egg bag, worth the price on its own. You also get the DVD describing Luis's routine.

NOTE: you do NOT have to do the final production to work this but you will learn a lot about using the Malini egg bag

Price: £35

Super Sharpie - MagicSmith

Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your business card. When they say their number, you turn over your card and it matches. Every time!

Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your business card. When they say their number, you turn over your card and it matches. Every time! Does magic get any more direct than this?

Now you can predict a spectator’s freely thought of name, number, date, age - even the amount of change in their pocket. The list goes on and on - and your reputation will only grow and grow!

All this is possible with the Super Sharpie. The Super Sharpie is a revolutionary redesign of mentalism's most potent weapon. It's so incredibly simple to use, you’ll be performing mind boggling mental miracles just minutes after practicing with it.

The Super Sharpie can be used as a regular Sharpie - because it is! Feel free to hand it to spectators to sign cards - they’ll never discover its hidden secret.

There’s a built-in precision gimmick that allows you to make sharp, distinct predictions with clarity and legibility. Best of all, you'll do all this right under their noses - while they're staring at you. Since it's all built into the pen, there's no fumbling. You start clean when you pull the pen out, and you end clean when you put the pen away.

It’s self-contained, self-inking and undetectable, and it's always ready to go. You’ll make your predictions on playing cards (even plastic cards), business cards, and virtually anything else that you can write on with a regular a Sharpie pen.

In the 15 minute companion video CD (included), you’ll learn expert technique that will get you up and running with your Super Sharpie immediately. Comes with Super Sharpie, video CD and illustrated instructions.

Price: £32

74% Self Working Card Tricks - Gary Jones / Christopher Congreave

Gary Jones and Christopher Congreave, two of the most original thinkers in magic bring to you, 74% self working card tricks.

Thought Of Card
Surprise Sandwich
2-3 Prediction
Daly Twist
Belducy, Belducy, Belducy

Real "working" effects for the real "working" magician

Price: £15

Absolutely Impossible Wallet - 2nd hand

Shown here in all their glory are two vintage Absolutely Impossible Wallets

Both almost identical... Almost.
As you might be able to tell from the photos one takes a bridge size card the other a poker sized card.

The only other difference is that the one that takes the bridge sized card is all leather both inside and out the other wallet has black silk lining.

The effect itself... Probably one of the cleanest card predictions you could ever hope for. If you do a search you will find a couple of demos on youtube.

But it goes like this...

From Ken Brooke and Mo Howarth…an Absolute Miracle! Easy to perform.

Performer removes a wallet from his pocket, showing a sealed envelope with a prediction inside!

A spectator takes a deck of normal cards (no forcing, no gaffed decks) and shuffles them. The spectator deals off one card at a time, face down on top of each other, and counts down until he/she decides to stop! (They can stop where ever they desire).

NO Al Koran deck used here.

The spectator opens the envelope and takes out the prediction card and then turns over the card that they freely selected and VIOLA…the cards match! IMPOSSIBLE but true!

• You are left clean. • Any deck can be used. •No fake envelopes. • No palming or sleight of hand. • Leather wallet. •Perfect for trade shows. • Perfect for close-up or walk-around or table-hopping.

Sorry I have no instructions for these wallets but if you watch the demos you will instantly understand the workings.

Price: £20 each


Phoenix Prophecy - Shaun Robison & Shaun Dunn - DVD + Gimmick

The Phoenix Prophecy is one of the hottest mind reading tools to be released in the last few years! Imagine the initials of a spectator's loved one visually appearing before their eyes in burn marks on a borrowed bank note!

This is all possible without helpers or stooges and in real time with the Phoenix Prophecy.

The Phoenix Prophecy allows for an amazing finish to any mind reading routine. Instead of simply revealing a prediction as a written note, The Phoenix Prophecy will allow you to scorch a piece of paper, business card or even a borrowed bank note and have the thought of number, name or info appear in the scorch marks.

The thought of information simply appears right before the spectator's eyes, it is as impressive as it is eerie! And the best thing is that The Phoenix Prophecy is VERY EASY to do! It will require minimal practice time and has a plethora of routines and ideas. The Phoenix Prophecy comes with the Phoenix gimmick and instructional DVD which covers all aspects of using this fantastic tool.

If you want to give your spectators a real experience of magic with a mentalism twist then there is no better tool than the Phoenix Prophecy.

Points to remember:

Very Easy to do

No Stooges

Endless Ideas and Routines possible with Phoenix Prophecy .

No help, this can be performed with no assistance

Can be performed real time with no Pre Show work

Price: £25

UFG Pro: The Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro

UFG Pro: The Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro
UFG Pro is, without a doubt, the ultimate fire gimmick!

With Jeremy Pei's new and improved UFG Pro, you can instantly produce a blast of flames from your palms after showing your hands completely empty!

Incorporate it into many of your existing stage routines. Comes complete with custom crafted UFG gimmick and instructional DVD, featuring:
• Bare hand fire production
• Double hand flasher
• Jeremy Pei's Self-Contained Flash Silk Appearance
• Flash Candle Vanish
• Jeremy Pei's Self-Contained Flash Sreamers Production
• And many more tips and tricks

Price: £25

Flick - Wayne Dobson and JB Magic (With DVD)

The animation sensation!

From J B Magic comes Wayne Dobson's comedy card to pocket routine.

With no deck of cards and no palming.

A spectator is asked to think of any card, The pages of a small 6 x 4 inch book are flicked through. The story unfolds, as the pages pass. A small cartoon boy reaches into his pocket and removes one bicycle playing card. The magician states that this is the card the spectator is thinking of. To prove this, the spectator is asked to reach inside the magicians jacket pocket. They do this, there is one card and one card only in the pocket. When removed it is the spectators thought of card.
Comes complete with specially printed flick book and dvd with step by step instructions and bonus handlings.

Price: £12

Cigarette Up the Nose - Gary Kosnitzky

I have managed to get a very limited supply of these at a sensible price, so I can put them out at what they used to be before they shot up dramatically. And they are the original version not the the rather nasty copy made in China!

An amazing vanish of cigarette so stunning it looks like trick photography! A cigarette is slowly & visibly pushed up your nose. Your hands are then shown absolutely empty! Includes special hand crafted gimmick and detailed instructions thoroughly illustrated by Tony Dunn.

"One of the greatest small illusions I have ever seen." - Michael Skinner
"It's the most perfect trick of it's kind I've ever seen!" - Mac King

Very nicely made gimmick not cheap but a fab trick!

As used by Criss Angel on Mindfreak!

Please note: This is an original NOT the cheap copy!

Price £30

Chop Cup - Wood (Worker) - MMS

Chop Cup Wooden (worker).This Wooden Chop Cup is a quality turned cup, with a beautiful lacquered finish.

The cup comes in a black case; the case is padded on the interior with black fabric and the exterior is a black felt with a brass latch.

The Chop Cup is a must for avid collectors and magicians looking to add a simple yet effective illusion to your arsenal.

1 3/4 inch load size. 3 1/8 Inch tall.

Balls included. (No instructions

I only have one of these left but the box is slightly damaged, however the actual Chop Cup and Balls are in perfect condition

Original RRP £60

Price: £45

The Spirit Key - Hauntingly easy to do!

The Effect:
You have a spectator thoroughly examine a shiny golden key. You take that same key, NO SWITCHES, and put it on the palm of your hand. That's when the magic happens. Without any sleight-of-hand or suspicious moves, the key starts to TURN ON ITS OWN! It turns all the way over until it's facing the other direction!

The spectator can examine the key as many times as they like. You can perform this effect over and over again on the spot!

This is really creepy, done well can really freak people out!

Price: £7

Miser's Dream Glass - Stainless Steel

Apparently produce an endless stream of coins from thin air.

Imagine producing coin after coin from thin air! This professional coin tumbler, with built-in coin delivery system, makes it possible!

Show both hands empty, then pick up this tumbler from your table. Instantly you start to to pluck coin after coin from the air. Coins from everywhere- each making a loud ringing as it hits the tumbler, to prove you've really dropped the coin inside.

Pull coins from a spectator’s ear, nose, pocket- even the spectator himself - hear it clink! The cleverly constructed gimmicked tumbler lets you perform this classic miracle with only a minimum of practice to get your routine smooth. And you can use half dollar sized coins or quarter coins (use your own coins- no coins are included).

You can also use the glass to vanish a borrowed coin for later production from another prop.

Supplied is a stainless steel tumbler, which is gimmicked like the classic "slot glass." The glass will enable you to perform the Miser's Dream effect in a very easy manner.

Boxed with instructions.

Price: £10

Alien Alteration

Four earth cards are shown. One at a time, alien cards appear and earth cards vanish. Aliens’ are taking over the world!

Next, the alien cards change into ‘Green Alien Immigration cards’ so they can enter earth.

For the final climax all the cards change into frightening images of the Roswell Alien Autopsy’ incident. This is definitely a unique trick for the modern age.

Based on Jim Pace's Alien Autopsy. This is a fabulous packet trick.

Its different, fun to do, very easy AND... Resets with the but the move of a card.
One of my favorites.

Price: £7

Alien Invasion - Danny Archer

Alien Invasion by Danny Archer. You get Bike Poker cards specially printed with really neat little green Martian type guys on them. You also get a VERY good routine and the patter.

The spaceship´s door opens, and the aliens emerge. You show four cards with beautiful colorful pictures of aliens on both sides. One of the aliens is removed and heads to town (the deck) to investigate. The astronomer has set out to spy on the aliens. When he sneezes, they grab him (the blue backed King of Spades is added to the remaining three alien cards), and using some unknown alien technology, the aliens change their appearance and you show four blue backed Kings of Spades! The astronomer escapes, the alien who went to town returns, and the cards change back into four green aliens! The aliens climb back in their ship and blast off and the Earth is saved! A clever, timely story. Beautifully made cards, includes envelope with the picture of the alien spaceship.

No complicated sleights, easy to do and visually stunning.

Only one left!

Price: £10

Nu way appearing balls

Where do these balls come from?

The audiences will have such questions when they watch the effects of this prop.

The magician shows two exquisite black boards and puts one horizontal like a table top and the other one vertical to it. Pull them horizontally, and a beautiful shinning ball (geosphere) appears. Repeat again for another appearance. Up to four balls altogether can appear!

Made of acrylic and printed with beautiful design, the ball is exquisite, beautiful and durable. Four balls are made of white plastic plate backing. The ball is made exquisitely.

The board is made thin and has a beautiful design. It not only has a special design, but also has a polished finish on its surface.

The color of the balls is different from each other with altogether four colors: silver, green, red and blue.

Price: £40

Sorry sold out

Flowers From Empty Bag - Di Fatta

The magician shows his audience an empty paper bag and invites a spectator to put his hand inside to confirm that there is nothing in it.

Immediately, the magician puts his hand in the bag, and makes a beautiful box with two flowers appear. After a moments surprise, he puts his hand in the bag again, and makes another box appear. Finally a third box with flowers inside magically appears from the empty bag... the audience will remain speechless!

•No skill required.
•Suitable for any kind of audience.

Bag dimensions 7 1/4 inch X 9 3/4 inch X 3 inch

Price: £18

The Gordon Diary - Paul Gordon

A regular diary is shown to contain names of playing cards on all 365(6) dates. A chosen card is found to match the entry in the diary of a FREELY nominated date made BEFORE the card was chosen. NO duplicates, NO set-ups, NO memorized deck, NO KIDDING! It's a real fooler!

A spectator names any date while mixing a borrowed deck. A card is selected and placed face-down on the table. The spectator looks up his or her date in a small, pocket diary. The card printed on the chosen date is read aloud, then the tabled selection is turned over and they match! The Gordon Diary is being called the best version by the pros! No stacked deck, no switches, any deck can be used! The diary is shirt-pocket sized, so it can be carried with you any time. It has an innocent look, with a leather-like textured cover stock. The dates are already printed in the diary for you. That s all you need! The deck can be borrowed

"The BEST version ever!" - Phil Willmarth (Linking Ring)

"A SUPERB solution!" - Jamy Ian Swiss (Genii)

"Excellent, Paul. Excellent!" - Aldo Colombini

"Possibly the ONLY impromptu diary!" - Roger Crosthwaite

Price: £15

Special Effects - Wayne Dobson

Special Effects is my latest, and I honestly believe my best book to date. Within its forty pages, you'll encounter fourteen really strong close-up and stand-up routines. All my own offerings appear here in print for the very first time, and include most of the core routines that elevated me to stardom not so many years ago.

I have stripped away virtually all the sleight-of-hand from most of the routines and presented you with a collection of tried and tested 'workers' that are very strong in effect, but equally easy to perform. As I said of one of them, "If I can do it... you DEFINITELY can!" This, I believe, is true of them all.

Along the way Stephen Tucker, who wrote the book for me, has suggested some very clever additions, tips, and ideas, and even a complete routine.

I have been absolutely amazed that, after being quite the finger-flicker myself for many years, I have been able to retain the strength of each effect, but with the absolute minimum of dexterity being required to achieve it.

There are routines with business cards, playing cards, bottles and bottle caps and even one with a silk and a borrowed packet of cigarettes.

Finally, I'd like to thank Pat Page, Steve Beam and Stephen Tucker for permission to include their three routines, and YOU for at least reading this brief book description. I hope that you are now considering buying Special Effects.

At the next convention we both attend feel free to ask me to show you something from the collection, which I'll be more than happy to do.

Wayne Dobson – 2010.


You always know how many cards have been cut off. How? Guessing? Estimating? No... guesstimating!

This one you win... ALWAYS!

Pat Page's superb routine with a regular deck of cards and a spectator.

All you use are 12 of your business cards and a few borrowed objects for this amazing demonstration of the psychic.

Three times you predict a spectator's actions!

A 'hands off' version of Any Card At Any Number.

No deck of cards, and the very first time I've ever tipped the method!

My version of Vernon’s classic routine ‘The Trick That Cannot Be Explained’

The bottle vanish routine to end them all.

A brilliant routine from Steve Beam where you find the card they thought of and, incredibly, they find the card you thought of!

Does what it says on the tin!

My opening stand-up routine for more years than I care to remember.

A six inch nail impales a signed, selection.

Special Effects is a 40 page soft bound book

Price: £20

4e Illusion Design - Written & Illustrated by Mark Parker

With Contributions by David Mendoza & Tony Clark. The book features seven original illusions fully explained - (one is already licensed to David Mendoza-Magicraft), you also get illusion sketches, two unique illusions for TV & Film, thoughts on illusion and more.

There is a contribution by David Mendoza (This the first book since the Osborne Books, that David Mendoza has contributed to). And an excellent essay to improve your act by Tony Clark. Book is 122 pages with detailed routines & beautiful illustrations in full-color throughout the book. A first for Illusion Books. The price also includes full performance rights. This is an absolute must for any Modern Illusionist.

Price: £45

B'Wave - Max Maven

An Ultra-Simple Approach To The Packet Brainwave Effect. No Sleights - No Rough & Smooth

The magician puts a packet of cards on the table. He says to the spectator, "Let's play a game of imagination. Imagine that these are the four Queens." He pantomimes plucking a card with each hand from the packet. "Imagine that I have removed two of the Queens. Do you think they are the black ones or the red ones?" The spectator says, for example, red. "That's amazing - you're correct!" says the magician. "Now, I will turn one of these Queens face up."

He pantomimes turning one card over, then putting the imaginary card back into the packet. He then says, "Which red Queen do you think I turned over, the heart or the diamond?" The spectator says, for example, diamond. "That's amazing - you're correct again!" says the magician. "Of course, if it's really true, then the Queen of Diamons must be reversed in the packet. Let's see..." He spreads the cards. One is face up. It is the Queen of Diamonds.

"I want to be sure you understand that this magic was accomplished by imagination, not by sleight-of-hand. Therefore, I used a Queen of Diamonds with a different back." He turns over the Queen of Diamonds, showing that it has a contrasting back color!

"Also, because I knew you would pick the Queen of Diamonds, it was not necessary to use any printing on the faces of the other cards." He turns over the three face-down cards, revealing that their faces are blank!

Comes complete with special cards and instructions.

Price: £10

Sign Off Card Trick - Tony Clark and Austin Brook

The Magician has a card selected, signed and shuffled back into the deck. A jumbo card is laying face down on the table. The magician asks the spectator if they would be amazed if their selected card is on the other side of the jumbo card. When he turns the jumbo card over there are twenty four mini cards printed on the face. On closer inspection, the spectator is amazed to see one of the cards is their selected card and it has a signature on it! "Look I can even pull the signed card off." The magician says as he begins to pull the card off we see it visibly change into their original signed card. When the magician reveals the face of the jumbo card the spectator sees a blank space where their card used to be.


Includes: The Jumbo Prediction Card 2 Gimmicks Plus a DVD DVD Includes: Full performance and explanation by Tony Clark and Austin Brook; Plus 2 BONUS sections. Running Time Approximately 40min.

Price: £28

The Ammo - Gary Jones

Hot on the heels of the smash hit 'Automata' DVD, one of the busiest working pros in the UK is back with ten stunning tricks with poker chips! But, these are no ordinary poker chips! This is a very special set of ten casino quality, custom made, ceramic poker chips and three of them are secretly gaffed!

Do not mistake this for a 'trick'. This is not your typical flavor of the month, flash in the pan, one trick pony. This is a superior set of professional magicians props, painstakingly designed to perfection (after many failed prototypes!) to ensure maximum visibility against most backgrounds and lighting conditions. Specially manufactured from casino grade ceramic with attention to weight, handling and durability. The modern design is reminiscent of 'Poker Tournament' style chips so, they don't look like tacky magic props. These are professionally manufactured, A-grade casino chips. They look and feel just like the real deal because... they are!

With this unique set of chips and the full and thorough teaching of the ten routines included on the professionally shot instructional DVD, you'll be seeing amazing reactions from your audiences in no time. The routines run the full gamut in terms of difficulty too. From easy, self working tricks to more intermediate effects right the way through to more advanced, professional handlings, there is something here to suit all skill levels.

And, you'll no doubt soon discover and create your own effects and routines because, remember, these chips are a TOOL for magic and the depth of what's possible doesn't stop with the enclosed routines. You'll instantly realize that many existing, classic coin routines can easily be performed with 'The Ammo' chip set!

See a clip here

PLEASE NOTE: The chips used in the video's are early prototypes.

Price: £55

Die-Ception - Wayne Dobson / Colin Rose (Five of Hearts magic)

How About a great Table Hopping or Close Up Routine, with lots of Audience Participation and you get to leave your Business Card as the Finale!

Well..."Die-Ception" is exactly that and more...
You receive two hand turned boxes... a dice is placed inside the smaller box by the spectator, who is asked to remember the topmost number before putting the lid onto the box while The Magician looks away...the small box is then placed inside the larger box by The Magician, it is verified that there is no way that The Magician can know which number is face up inside the box...but of course you can!

This effect comes with Wayne's routine Notes and can be used as a 'Mentalist' Prediction, or, by using six business cards in your pocket (numbered 1-6), the appropriate card can be thumbed off to match the number on the dice...thereby giving you an excellent way to produce your Business Card at the end of this routine.

Another great routine from Wayne Dobson matched perfectly with beautiful quality craftsmanship of Colin Rose...
This Issue is made from a complimentary selection of Exotic Woods, featuring Ebony,Amarillo,Zebrano,Burbinga, making this not only a great ‘Close Up & Table Hopping Trick for Working Magician’s but a stunning Collectable too!

Price: £55

A Little R&B by Dan Harlan - DVD

Cool cats and sexy kittens, pick up a double and hold a break. Time for the 1 & only, devious doctor Dan, to engage the color-space-time-warp-sandwich-express!

Using ONLY a red/blue double backed card (plus, incredible skill, talent and humility),

Harlan performs a myriad of miracles you'll proudly add to your pasteboard performances. Fully explained in every sexy, smooth detail.

Effects Explained:

Turning Blue
Special Glasses
Getting Warmer
Prediction 1
Prediction 2
Trading Places
Make a Bet
Star Trek
R & B Special

Plus a special bonus effect! "The Cut Deeper Reading" impromptu fortune telling trick.

3 Gimmicks Included!

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 48min

Price: £18

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