Close-up magic

Fast & Loose Chains (endless chain)

Finally after much searching I have found some beautiful Silver Plated "Prince of Wales" Rope Chain. This is the same style as recommended by the "School for Scoundrels". It is very similar to the one they sell in design, not quite as bulky.

Since releasing these, they have have become one of my best sellers. I am proud to say that these chains are now in the hands of many top professionals. And I have alot of great feedback.

I have two sizes as you can see in the pictures.
The chains are just over 5Fft (Before being joined into the loop).

Thinner chain 3mm Dia
Thicker chain 4mm Dia

complete with a nice pouch

(No routine) but I highly recommend the School for Scoundrels routine.

Price: £18

Thinner 3mm


Thicker 4mm

Classic Card to Wallet by Wayne Dobson / Tony Curtis


A card is freely selected, signed and returned to the deck, which is then sjhuffled. Removing a wallet from inside his jacket pocket, the perfomrer then unzipes a compartment and clearly removes the signed card from within. An impossible miracle, yet easier than you might think!

Wallet Dimensions : 4 x 6.75 inches or 10.16 x 17.15 cm

Yes the all time classic "Kaps" / Balducy style wallet made by Tony Curtis as with all of Waynes leather goods so you know the quality. And if Wayne has put his name to it... Enough said I think!

Selling elsewhere between £60-£75. Yours for the incredibly cheap bargain....

Price: £50

Long Cat - Short Cat - (Boomerang Illusion)

This version of the classic boomerang illusion will "blow you mind".

You will no longer trust even your own eyes. As you the magician talk about optical illusions, you display two cardboard strips with Cats on them. One Cat has a blue collar the other a red collar. You also show a third strip that is a ruler. With this you prove that the two Cats are the the same length. Then explain the optical illusion. Suddenly it is no longer an optical illusion but reality!

To the eyes of the spectators, it appears that the two strips stretch and shrink.

For the climax, the magician proves that the two strips have actually changed size.

The audience will be fooled by this effect, but so will the Magician! This looks so impossible that you will fool yourself every time you demonstrate it.

Oddly I never thought much about the boomerang effect until I saw this! This has taken it several steps further... Amazing. You WILL love this!

Price: £5

The Box - Mark Southworth

From the creative mind of Mark Southworth comes this Revolutionary step forward in the signed card to box plot...

A box with a folded card is clearly displayed trapped in rubber bands & placed into a spectators hands or pocket or nearby table. 52 cards are displayed & your spectator takes anyone & signs the card. The card is lost back inside the deck, shuffled & place away in the magicians pocket. The Box is now displayed & rubber bands removed... the card is tipped out... The spectators signed card.

2 Sec Reset

Interchangeable Gimmicks



Includes Marks Impossible Banknote to impossible location using The Box in a way that looks like TV Magic...

The Box •1 x Red Backed Bicycle Card Gimmick
•2 x Extra Gimmicks... For Banknotes, Predictions etc
•1 x Resetting Tool
•Live Chat Session With Stephen Leathwaite
Bonus Ideas & Tips


1-Spare box

1-lockable Prediction bag (cloth bag with eye for a padlock)

1-extra gimmicks ( to make various card etc.)

What Others Are Saying:

"The Box is a mechanical marvel! Kennedy's Mystery Box updated and ultra portable. A very powerful utility box that all magicians should carry on them." - ANGELO CARBONE

"What a step forward in the box plot, love it !" - STEPHEN LEATHWAITE

"Outstanding, one of the most beautifully deceptive bits of kit in my arsenal, this should be called the sniper box, because it kills every time." - WAYNE GOODMAN

"This is ingenious!" - PETER EGGINK

"This is THE best card to box I have ever had the pleasure to witness. It has everything that REAL magic should look like. Organic, open, and a diabolical method that sits right under their noses." - JUSTIN MILLER

Price: £45

Cigarette Up the Nose - Gary Kosnitzky

I have managed to get a very limited supply of these at a sensible price, so I can put them out at what they used to be before they shot up dramatically. And they are the original version not the the rather nasty copy made in China!

An amazing vanish of cigarette so stunning it looks like trick photography! A cigarette is slowly & visibly pushed up your nose. Your hands are then shown absolutely empty! Includes special hand crafted gimmick and detailed instructions thoroughly illustrated by Tony Dunn.

"One of the greatest small illusions I have ever seen." - Michael Skinner
"It's the most perfect trick of it's kind I've ever seen!" - Mac King

Very nicely made gimmick not cheap but a fab trick!

As used by Criss Angel on Mindfreak!

Please note: This is an original NOT the cheap copy!

Normally retails at £40+

Price £30

Nutty Nut

This incredible little trick with a nut, bolt & tube. The nut is screwed halfway onto the bolt and dropped into a small metal tube. The Magician now gives the tube a little shake, removes the lid and simply tips the contents out - to the audiences complete astonishment, the nut has not only unscrewed itself, but has penetrated right through the head of the bolt and rolls out of the tube separated from the bolt. Everything is immediately dropped into the spectators hand for thorough examination.

Comes complete with alternate presentation.

Price: £10

Bcck in stock...

The LEGO Doors illusion


This is really cool. A big stage illusion in minature that you can carry in your pocket and perform close up around the tables.

Now incase you have never seen this illusion performed... This is how it goes.

On stage is a doorway, doors front and back. The whole ensemble shown around completley. Both doors are opened and the audience can see right through, nothing there. Both doors are closed and again the whole thing is shown all around. When the front door is opened again it is seen that the magician has now appeared inside the frame of the doorway!

You can now perform this in all your close up gigs. A grand illusion on a minature scale.

With Lego being so popular now it makes it even more relevant.

AND heres the best part... It's like e real Lego kit with instructions. You get to build it yourself! (Glue recommended to keep it permantly fixed)

How much fun are you going to have with this!

Price: £18

Perpetual Puzzle

Based on the William Freer puzzle. Also known as the puzzle of life and several other names.

It has presented itself in many forms but this has become the most popular version.

This magical puzzle is a masterpiece of ingenuity.

A rectangular puzzle is presented and shown to fit perfectly inside of a frame. The magician adds a new piece and rebuilds the puzzle, yet somehow it still forms the same rectangle the same size as before, When you add another piece this time twice the size of the last one and once again rebuild the puzzle, it impossibly still forms the same exact size rectangle, and fits perfectly within the same frame.

The more you add, the more things remain the same. A Perpetual Puzzle.

Not only a great "Magical - how the hell" type puzzle. Also a great presentational piece. Check out you tube for the "Puzzle of life"

This great unusual piece comes complete with instructions and carrying pouch.

You'll love this!

Price: £14

Baby Jade Rings and Coins - Alan Wong

This set of classic Rings and Coin trick comes with two REAL JADE BRACELETS that makes it a collector's item. From a small velvet bag you bring out two small jade rings, a red lucky envelope and carefully place them on top of the bag. You explain that the jade rings are traditional lucky charms for newborn babies in China, and newly wed couples give away "lucky money" on their wedding day with these lucky envelopes. From the red envelope you drop out a shiny gold Chinese coin that represents luck and prosperity. Tell your spectator you want to send her good luck and prosperity by performing a ritual using these lucky items. You place the rings over the coin with the red envelope in the middle, and then make a wish to send it your friend. You slowly remove the envelope and the coin is gone! You then repeat the actions and show that the coin has magically reappeared under the ring - "because the blessing will always come back to you one day."

Each baby jade rings set comes with 10 golden brass Chinese coins (for give away), two red envelopes ( one more to spare) for the lucky money. The envelopes are embossed with the Chinese character "Double Happiness". The baby jade rings ( about 2" diameter) are authentic REAL JADE, and all the items are contained in a drawstring black velvet bag. The whole trick's effectiveness lies in this bag, which acts as a black-art mat and performing surface, giving it a good reason to be there. Many presentations themed around "Luck," "Prosperity," and "Blessings" can be created using these fine props. A separate smaller velvet bag is included to store and protect the jade rings when they are not in use. Instructional DVD included. Very easy to perform and great story telling piece. This elegant set of close-up magic can be carried in any close-up case or even in your pocket, always ready to perform.

Alan has added a lovely subtly to this trick as well as making it with very nice props and remember these are real Jade rings, hence the price!

Price: £65

Floating Match

An absolute classic magical illusion.

A match is placed across a playing card. At the magicians command the match rises and floats above the card.

Another card is passed under the match to prove it is floating. The match then floats down and rests on the card.

Very simple and very deceptive.

Price: £3.50

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Blind Date - Stephen Leathwaite

A game of chance, will you find love at first sight?

12 contestants (ALL MEN) are displayed, but this is a "Blind Date" so no faces are shown yet! Just one is the perfect man for your lucky spectators "Blind Date".

A Prediction is placed to one side.

A random number is created to select the spectators "Blind Date" for the evening.

All the potential suitors that where rejected are then shown, one by one, before the chosen "Blind Date" is revealed to match the Prediction for a moment of comedy gold!
•Easy To learn
•Easy To Perform
•Instant Reset
•Multiple Handlings
•Guaranteed a Laugh and Possibly a Date....
•Comedy Meets a Prediction Effect...
"Stephen's Blind Date trick is commercial, Very funny and I ACTUALLY found my perfect match! Stephen and I are now married!" - Liam Montier

"So good I showed your mum and I scored!" - Wayne Goodman

"Blind Date" is a fun modern approach to magic if you want to make the ladies laugh like crazy or even steal a kiss this is for you!" - Keiron Johnson

"Modern presentation and built in humor. Think Casanova meets conjuring... Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy!" -Daniel Chard

"Stephen Leathwaite's Blind Date is a great Prediction effect. It's funny, has a romantic approach, and will most likely get you a date. If not, they witnessed an amazing piece of magic."- Fritz Alkemade, BlindDater

"Stephen has come up with a fun piece of magic that will bring screams of laughter to the close up Audience!" -Wayne Fox

"I love Stephen's way of thinking, Killer Reactions, this is a worker." - Titanas

"Very commercial, funny, and strong too. I will use this!" - Chris Congreave

"Blind Date" its cheeky practical And Funny, It will be going in to my Repertoire immediately." - Paul Gordon

Price: £20

The Legend of the Were-Wolf - Mal Norton (UK Exlusive)

NEW! 100% ORIGINAL ! Hot off the press !!!

A fabulous new packet trick. One by one four Men turn into Were-Wolves ! Then with the aid of a Silver Bullet, three of them are killed and revert to their original forms. Finally by the light of day the very last Were-Wolf changes back into a Man so that come next Full Moon he can perpetuate the Legend of the Were-Wolf. Great logical storyline.

Laminated cards to last a life time.

Easy to do with VERY comprehensive instructions and photographs… And as if that wasn't enough when you finish it is already reset, perfect for table hopping.

Price: £10

Arachnophobia - The spider bites back - Malcolm Norton "M" & Matt hall "M" Junior

Be Afraid be very afraid….

Asking a young lady to help, you show her five cards. Four cards depicting mirrors and one a spider, you weave a story around a spider that leaves cobwebs on all of the mirrors, then just disappears. Sure enough the mirrors suddenly become covered in cobwebs and the spider has vanished from his card… You ask the young lady to help make the spider reappear by waving her hand over the cards. Wait for the scream… Trust me there will be one. For there on the back of her hand is the spider. This is the ultimate reaction trick ! Laminated to last a lifetime. Included is a bonus routine for those that feel giving their audience a heart attack maybe going too far for the sake of entertainment… Based on "The Web" by Jim Pace.

Price: £10

Melting Key Mystery

A standard blank (uncut) key is shown front and back. With a rubbing stroke of the forefinger, the key notches are magically cut.

The key can be passed out BOTH before and after the performance.

Includes routine, keys, keyring and special gimmick.

Visual masterpiece!!

Price: £10

Pull Top (DVD and Gimmick) by Mr. Maric

Imagine, taking two borrowed soda pull tops and visibly linking them together or having them link in a spectators hand! Just as easily, you visibly unlink the pull tops and hand them back out for full examination! This is just one of the many effects that are possible with Mr. Maric's Pull Top.

•Linking 2 Pull Tops
•Linking 3 Pull Tops
•Pull Top thru Straw
•Pull Top thru Fork
•Pull Top thru Hand Vanishing
•Pull Top from Shoelace
•Stretching Pull Top (bonus effect)

•Repeat Instantly.
•No Difficult Sleight.
•Perform Surrounded.
•Items are examinable.
•Any pull top in the world can be used.
•Even a pull top from a spectators drink can be used.

Gimmicks, DVD (English and Japanese).
Effects and handling are clearly explained by Mr. Maric.

Price: £45

DynaSwitch - Gary Ouellet

A commercial stunner! As seen on NBC’s “World Greatest Magic III”! This has also been used on TV by Harry Anderson.

A sheet of white paper instantly changes into a $100 dollar bill! Very magical and very easy! No thumb tips - this is entirely self-contained! Perfect for television, close-up or walkaround! This is a lovely approach to a very popular effect, and the moment of magic is so strong! Supplied in Camirand stage money with instruction booklet including Gary Ouellet’s handling, and everything you need to make this up yourself with your own money from any country.

Price: £8

Three Shell Game - Vernet

3 shell gameNow you too can perform the "Three Shell Game" with ease.

The Vernet Shells are perfectly balanced, made of unbreakable plastic and the inner surface is curved to allow easier manipulation of the special pea. Very realistic in appearance, these are far superiour to any other shells in this price range!

Price: £9

Sorry temporarily out of stock

The Haunted "Acrobatic" Matchbox

The Effect:
Somebody need a match? What a great excuse to intorduce this visual fest of magic from one small matchbox!

This match box will crawl and move about on your hand this way and that, even turn over... And as if that wasn't enough... The drawer of the box opens mysteriously of its own volition!!!

You then take a match out for them, close the box and put it back into your pocket. They will be absolutely frozen still with amazement!

A superb close up magic trick that will leave all wondering!!!

Comes with very comprehesive instructions and routine.

"I've used many Acrobatic matchboxes but your sare the best I've ever used" A happy customer...

Price: £7

Voodoo - Albert Spackman - (UK Exlusive)

I am very proud to have been given permission to reproduce this fabulous classic effect.

" I love the new subtleties you have added.....The best version on the market!"- ALBERT SPACKMAN! High praise from the inventor himself

Whilst warning about the dangers of "Voodoo" the spectator is shown a card that bears the effigy of a man that is to represent the "victim", this is placed to one side and remains untouched... Meanwhile several other cards also with the effigy of a man on them are shown, each has a cross on a different part of the body.

The spectator shuffles the cards and is asked to choose one in the fairest manner possible. The chosen card reveals the fate that is to befall the victim. the card is revealed... There is an "X" on the foot... when the victim card is turned over ITS FOOT IS NOW MISSING!

Now made in laminated cards. Perfect for halloween! One of my personal favorites.

Price: £10

Spirit Nut / Brema nut - Brass

Baffling Perfection in Brass Magic! A precision manufactured Close-Up Marvel. Hand a small brass nut and a length of string.

"They" thread the "Nut" onto the string themselves. Holding onto both ends of the string there is no possiblilty for the NUT to escape...
With a handkerchief you cover the NUT & string, then behold the mirical... You magically remove the NUT from the string!!

Everything is immediately handed out for examination, string, handkerchief and the nut (The brass nut that is, not the one doing the trick). Simple! Precision made magic.

Price: £8

Sorry sold out (I do have a 2nd hand nut... Email me!

Pen Penetration

penBorrow a bill and have it signed. Plunge the pen right through the bill. Of course you then instantly restore the hole in the bill. Don't confuse this with any other version on the market. John Cornelius created a fabulous effect with his "Pen Thru Anything" which required a switch of pens. Then He made it even better with his "Perfect Pen". No switching and examinable but a little out of the reach of some magicians pockets... Then came a host of cheaper "Bic" type pens but most of them not that well made... Until now... This perfectly ordinary disposable style pen is beautifully made and looks completely natural. The simple act of removing or replacing the cap and the gimmick is gone... leaving just a simple ordinary pen... Yes it writes too. I have seen most "Pen Thro's" and in my opinion the only ones worth having were the originals from John Cornelius until this came along. Highly Recommended!

One of my best sellers!

Price: £12

1-100 - Danny Archer

This is Danny's handing of the no thumb tip bill switch. It's the cleanest, most magical bill switch you ever saw (and one of the easiest). It's well explained with four pages of text and pictures. A classic of magic that should be in the performing repertoire of every magician.

Trust me when I tell you you do not need a thumb tip for a bill switch so try this!

Price: £8

Kevlar Invisible Thread

Perhaps the most incredible Invisible Thread to date. 5 times stronger than steel! This stuff is great under florescent lighting. Because of it’s strength it’s not only easy to strip, but you will be floating all sorts of things that were not possible before.

You will get 120 Strands of this incredible material. Included with the thread are detailed instructions on how to strip the thread.

Available in 6, 12 and 25 foot lengths

Invisible Elastic Thread

Pre-split Invisible Elastic Thread, we are proud to offer to the finest Invisible Elastic Thread in the world.

This is what the pros are using! Solution dyed black (no fading possible with this thread), Matte finish (already dulled), incredible elasticity!

Approx 200ft of the very best pre-stripped black/matte finish invisible elastic thread.

Price: £10

Invisible Thread - Standard

Perfect for almost any routine with invisible thread.

This package includes a 6-foot length of thread with over 100 individual strands ready for separation.

Comes with detailed instructions for doing so!

Price: £4

Spot Paddles

spot paddelsYou show a small white "Paddle" completely blank. Suddenly a spot appears on one side, then on both sides. You show a second paddle this already has a spot on it. You now make the spots jump from one paddle to the other, first only on one side then on both sides. The spots come and go at your command. The variations are limited to your own imagination. (My routine is very short…) This is one of the great classics. This really should be in your box of tricks!

Price: £3.50

Bill Buster

A Banknote is placed on an identical size piece of paper then the two are folded in half. A pencil is then pushed through the centre. of them both. When unfolded the paper has a hole the banknote is of course is unharmed. You then instantly repeat it using a smaller piece of paper. There seems absolutely no way there could be any trickery you would swear the pencil passes through the note. you can see everything from all angles, but once again the paper is ruined the note still intact. Everything can be borrowed and it can be worked impromptu. You receive a well printed manuscript with detailed instructions and diagrams to take you through it step by step. So simple to do but an absolute killer effect…Now comes with bonus pencil thru bill routine a-la Timothy Wenks "Mislead".

Price: £9

Pencil Through Banknote (a version of 'Mislead'. Included with Bill Buster, above)

Although similar in effect, this is not to be confused with 'Pen through anything.' or the Bill Buster (above) In fact it gives you a different method and handling making it perfect to use as a substitute for the pen.

You borrow a note and fold it almost in half. A pencil is then taken and inserted between the fold. Suddenly you push the pencil straight through the note and clearly show that it is penetrating the note. Now you rip the pencil out of the note which is immediately shown unharmed. It looks incredible and with a little handling is easy to do.

Complete with full routine, pencil and special gimmick.

Price: £6

Star Gazer

Crazy Man's handcuffs may have had a run for the money. But now with Stargazer you can add another stunning phase to the routine. You stretch a rubber band into the shape of a star in your fingers (cat's cradle style). Gently pull on the rubber band - TWANG!!!! When you let go, the band PERMANENTLY stays in the shape of a star! You can hand the star band out or reuse it again. Comes with 10 rubber bands.

Get this while its still available...This gets outstandingly good reaction. Highly recomended

Price: £12

18+ A collection of card cocktails

The 18+ in the title could represent the legal age at which you could drink at a bar, and legitimately watch the routines in this outfit! Or it could be the number of cards you get in this outfit, or the number of routines detailed for you in this manuscript of routines. You take your pick!

Magic 'at the bar', or for a partying adult audience, gives you an excellent performing platform. You have an audience with the time and inclination to watch, observation skills that are not at their peak, and where a little entertainment goes a long way. You have an audience that is ripe for the type of effects this outfit offers, - all revolving around tipsy themes, with no exceptional skill or sleights.

Most of the effects are completely self-working, just follow the instructions. Others require a small amount of manipulation, well within the reach of the most modest close up performer. These effects could just as easily be performed at a restaurant table, at a hotel, garden party or private function - anywhere close-up magic and drinks may combine!

We supply you 18 "drink" cards, (in an attractive wallet), and a 24 page book of routines to perform with these cards. There are some 18 routines, plus variations.

Pick up the cards, follow the instructions, and we guarantee you some great entertainment at your next party, restaurant or pub session!

Price: £8

Cups and Balls - Aluminum

Cups and ballsThree beautiful shiny chrome-finished cups are perfect for any Cups and Balls routine. Includes four hand-crocheted balls and velvet drawstring bag. If you ever wanted a nice set of cups and balls at a reasonable price then these are the ones!

Price: £20

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Cups and Balls - Copper

Three beautiful gleaming "Copper" cups are perfect for any Cups and Balls routine.

Comes with a drawstring bag and of course 4 balls. These are very nice... Go on treat yourself!

Price: £35

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