B'Wave - Max Maven

An Ultra-Simple Approach To The Packet Brainwave Effect. No Sleights - No Rough & Smooth

The magician puts a packet of cards on the table. He says to the spectator, "Let's play a game of imagination. Imagine that these are the four Queens." He pantomimes plucking a card with each hand from the packet. "Imagine that I have removed two of the Queens. Do you think they are the black ones or the red ones?" The spectator says, for example, red. "That's amazing - you're correct!" says the magician. "Now, I will turn one of these Queens face up."

He pantomimes turning one card over, then putting the imaginary card back into the packet. He then says, "Which red Queen do you think I turned over, the heart or the diamond?" The spectator says, for example, diamond. "That's amazing - you're correct again!" says the magician. "Of course, if it's really true, then the Queen of Diamons must be reversed in the packet. Let's see..." He spreads the cards. One is face up. It is the Queen of Diamonds.

"I want to be sure you understand that this magic was accomplished by imagination, not by sleight-of-hand. Therefore, I used a Queen of Diamonds with a different back." He turns over the Queen of Diamonds, showing that it has a contrasting back color!

"Also, because I knew you would pick the Queen of Diamonds, it was not necessary to use any printing on the faces of the other cards." He turns over the three face-down cards, revealing that their faces are blank!

Comes complete with special cards and instructions.

Price: £10

The Gordon Diary - Paul Gordon

A regular diary is shown to contain names of playing cards on all 365(6) dates. A chosen card is found to match the entry in the diary of a FREELY nominated date made BEFORE the card was chosen. NO duplicates, NO set-ups, NO memorized deck, NO KIDDING! It's a real fooler!

A spectator names any date while mixing a borrowed deck. A card is selected and placed face-down on the table. The spectator looks up his or her date in a small, pocket diary. The card printed on the chosen date is read aloud, then the tabled selection is turned over and they match! The Gordon Diary is being called the best version by the pros! No stacked deck, no switches, any deck can be used! The diary is shirt-pocket sized, so it can be carried with you any time. It has an innocent look, with a leather-like textured cover stock. The dates are already printed in the diary for you. That s all you need! The deck can be borrowed

"The BEST version ever!" - Phil Willmarth (Linking Ring)

"A SUPERB solution!" - Jamy Ian Swiss (Genii)

"Excellent, Paul. Excellent!" - Aldo Colombini

"Possibly the ONLY impromptu diary!" - Roger Crosthwaite

Price: £15

Psychokinetic Time - Banachek


Banachek's Psychokinetic Time Trick Do you remember the stunning magic effect that Master Magic Man David Blaine used to open his "Street Magic" TV special?

In effect, he borrowed a watch from a man sitting in his car and checked the correct time. He placed the watch back in the man's hands and then asked him to think of a number to move the time. The man said "24" and after a few seconds of mental hocus-pocus, the man opened his hands and saw the watch indeed MOVE AHEAD 24 MINUTES! The reaction was incredible!

Now, you can learn the original method and forcing techniques used for this amazing effect in Banachek's 26- page manuscript Psychokinetic Time. Psychokinetic Time comes complete with nine clear photos and descriptive text that details the ultimate impromptu method for altering the time on a spectator's watch while held in their own hand!

Other effects and concepts with watches are also discussed using the secret principles. No "gadgets" or difficult handling.

This is for the serious magician, mentalist or conjuring enthusiast - but can be mastered by anyone!

Price: £18

Phoenix Prophecy - Shaun Robison & Shaun Dunn - DVD + Gimmick

The Phoenix Prophecy is one of the hottest mind reading tools to be released in the last few years! Imagine the initials of a spectator's loved one visually appearing before their eyes in burn marks on a borrowed bank note!

This is all possible without helpers or stooges and in real time with the Phoenix Prophecy.

The Phoenix Prophecy allows for an amazing finish to any mind reading routine. Instead of simply revealing a prediction as a written note, The Phoenix Prophecy will allow you to scorch a piece of paper, business card or even a borrowed bank note and have the thought of number, name or info appear in the scorch marks.

The thought of information simply appears right before the spectator's eyes, it is as impressive as it is eerie! And the best thing is that The Phoenix Prophecy is VERY EASY to do! It will require minimal practice time and has a plethora of routines and ideas. The Phoenix Prophecy comes with the Phoenix gimmick and instructional DVD which covers all aspects of using this fantastic tool.

If you want to give your spectators a real experience of magic with a mentalism twist then there is no better tool than the Phoenix Prophecy.

Points to remember:

Very Easy to do

No Stooges

Endless Ideas and Routines possible with Phoenix Prophecy .

No help, this can be performed with no assistance

Can be performed real time with no Pre Show work

Price: £25

Die-Ception - Wayne Dobson / Colin Rose (Five of Hearts magic)

How About a great Table Hopping or Close Up Routine, with lots of Audience Participation and you get to leave your Business Card as the Finale!

Well..."Die-Ception" is exactly that and more...
You receive two hand turned boxes... a dice is placed inside the smaller box by the spectator, who is asked to remember the topmost number before putting the lid onto the box while The Magician looks away...the small box is then placed inside the larger box by The Magician, it is verified that there is no way that The Magician can know which number is face up inside the box...but of course you can!

This effect comes with Wayne's routine Notes and can be used as a 'Mentalist' Prediction, or, by using six business cards in your pocket (numbered 1-6), the appropriate card can be thumbed off to match the number on the dice...thereby giving you an excellent way to produce your Business Card at the end of this routine.

Another great routine from Wayne Dobson matched perfectly with beautiful quality craftsmanship of Colin Rose...
This Issue is made from a complimentary selection of Exotic Woods, featuring Ebony,Amarillo,Zebrano,Burbinga, making this not only a great ‘Close Up & Table Hopping Trick for Working Magician’s but a stunning Collectable too!

Price: £55

Sorry sold out!

Telethought Wallet (Original) - Chris Kenworthey

TeleThought Wallet is one of the most diabolical utility devices in magic. Its potential is limitless.

As they say "the sky is the limit," here. Virtually any "mind-reading effect" can be performed with the "TeleThought Wallet." Design duplication, book tests, telepath experiments can now be presented under immaculate test conditions. Imagine using the "TeleThought Wallet" for preshow work! Or combining it with a "Brainwave Deck," "Invisible Pack," or "Precognition Deck." There is at least one other wallet currently on the magic market, which could vastly enhance its potential and ingenuity if it employed the same material presently utilized in the "TeleThought Wallet." Something to think about.

Wallet Dimension Approximately 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" (10cm x 7cm)

This for me was and still is the very best "peek" type wallet available. This is the original smaller wallet which is in many peoples opinion better than the 2nd version.

Still my go peek wallet. I have to grin everytime I use it. The peek stares you in the face and they haven't a clue...

Price: £45

Cousin Of All Book Tests

By Leaping Lizards Magic

Welcome to the first volume in what is planned to be a three volume set of specialty force books/book tests. It combines various elements of things that have gone before in a way that has not been done before.

There are two basic effects possible with this book.

The book itself, a normal looking novel, can be forced from a stack of others, or you can order several and recover them (We will be releasing other versions and titles with the SAME force pages and phrases at a later date) If you wish to use the Chuck Hickock Subtlety this is also a good book to include.

The book comes with instructions with several variations and routine ideas, along with proofs of Purchase coupons. Those discount coupons can be used in future, should you wish to purchase any of the upcoming related books that may be printed in the future.

Effect One: A Vision!
The performer invites a spectator to "freely" select a book from several. They leaf through the book and note how many pages it has. Nest, five spectators are asked to jot any number from 1- 400, the number of pages in this book, on a note pad. Those page numbers are handed to the spectator with the book, who is asked to SILENTLY, mentally, open to any of those pages, and silently read the top line or two of the text on that page, starting with the very first word. The performer gets an impression and draws a picture of that. When the first line is read, it is found to match the prediction! This can be repeated if desired, or done with several different spectators.

This effect is similar to Max Maven’s Autome, but uses a different book and offers 6 different force phrases, rather than one. (Note, we offer a different procedure than Autome to make this work, and we suggest you invest in Max maven’s DVD to find out the clean elegant method HE uses- along with the original book used.) The original natural force book used for Autome, as well as similar force books in the past, typically only allowed for one force phrase.

This book allows SIX different sets of force phrases so that YOU decide in advance EXACTLY what phrase the spectator will choose. But remember, they MENTALLY choose a page, and SILENTLY read it- but before they ever open the page, you will KNOW what they are thinking. This can be used as a prediction OR a mind reading effect.

Effect Two: Peek A Thought!
You hold the book up, above eye level of a spectator, and open it to various places, allowing them to PEEK at the first word or words on the bottom line of the page they are looking at. There are about 400 pages in the book, which means the spectator has a 100% FREE choice of over 200 words that they might look at.

You ask them to peek at a few pages and verify each one is different. Then you ask them to peek at a page with the intent of sending a thought to you. The spectator silently reads the word or words that start the last sentence on that page. You invite them to sit down, taking the book with them, and you attempt to divine the word they are thinking of.

This effect is repeatable as often as you care to, with a different outcome each time.

Again, both of these methods have been used before in years gone by, but never have they been combined in a single book. Also, the phrase force used has never been incorporated in such a way as to allow for 6 different outcomes which YOU control. This solves the problem of what to do if there is a good chance some of the same spectators may see your show twice in near succession. It also allows you to have two spectators choose DIFFERENT phrases and reveal them in different ways in a single routine.

The peek revelation, can lead in to the force presentation and/or should the spectator select one of the force pages coincidentally, you can then lead directly in to the phrase revelation effect without having to force a page.

You want options? You GOT options!

The 400 page, soft-cover book bears a bar code, legitimate ISBN number and looks like it was purchased at any book store. The book will withstand average inspection and is a relatively readable novel.

Yes, there are some typesetting and syntactic oddities about it that one MIGHT discover with great scrutiny, and if one is looking for them - but they are not the sort of thing a spectator would discover with normal handling.

Price: £45

On The Mark 2 - Mark Elsdon

Note: Please note this is the Smaller Hip pocket style wallet

A few years ago Mark Elsdon released a limited number of "On The Mark" and they sold out in just a few days.

Mark Elsdon is finally releasing his killer named card to wallet!

Inspired by Rich Bloch, Kenton Knepper and Marc Oberon, Mark wanted an effect that goes beyond anything previously devised and which fits the following criteria:

?Only one wallet used.
?No deck required.
?Different card every performance.
?The card they name is the exact one in the envelope no "off by one" or other outs.
?Genuine wallet that can be used for everyday use if required.
?No gimmicked envelopes.
?No sleight-of-hand.
?Perfect for both close-up and stand-up performance.

On The Mark is that effect! It is fooling, practical and commercial, combining a real worker's method with a powerful effect and an engaging presentation.This is the small hip pocket size!

This has written instructions not a dvd!

Price: £40

Chip Prophecy

The magician shows the audience six chips all with different colors on one side and an envelope with a prediction card inside. First the magician will turn over these chips leaving only the black side up. The chips are mixed up so they are in random order. Someone from the audience is asked to choose a chip and put it on top of the envelope. Finally the audience member is asked to open the envelope and take out the card with the prediction on it. The audience will be amazed to see that the card inside the envelope has foretold the future. The statement on the card has correctly predicted which color chip the audience member had selected!

Six very nice "chips" not your usual chips... (these are similar style to chips that "Mikame" used in his tricks)
Two cards with a different prediction statement on each! Yes when you repeat the trick it can be a different color!

Very nice & very easy!

Derren Brown spent a long time playing with this one!

Price: £10

Telepathy in Colour

Probably my number one best seller at the last few conventions...

Whilst their back is turned the magician invites a spectator to choose one of five different coloured cards.

They can then tell the spectator which colour they chose.

The magician then repeats the effect, this time the cards are placed in envelopes and mixed up...But still the amazing magician finds the envelope containing the chosen coloured card.

A mental miracle!

I have fooled EVERYONE with this even some of the most knowledgeable magicians. An absolute killer. And Sooooo simple! Don't miss out on this...

Even Derren Brown bought one!

Price: £7

Loaded - Kenny Roberts

Ltd Edition Signed by Kenny

Introducing a game of "Russian Roulette" you will be able to demonstrate the talents and skills used by the security industry to assess risks and dangerous situations.

The spectator is shown six cards, numbered 1 - 6 and told that they represent the chambers in a six shot revolver. They are then asked to freely select any number and that will be the chamber in which the "live bullet" will be loaded.

With the cards in full view at all times you are able to produce a card from your wallet that has also been in full view that identifies the exact number chosen. But wait, there's more you turn over all the numbered cards to show they are blank but when you turn over the spectators chosen card it shows a picture of a smoking gun.

For the first time Kenny reveals the workings behind his signature effect.

Including an extra variation of the routine with a hilarious punch that hits not once, not twice but three times. Leaving your spectators bewildered astonished and a little frightened too.

Loaded is a very strong mentalism effect that can be performed as close up, cabaret or even on stage.

Quick reset stunning mental effect - easy to learn.

Comes complete with instructional DVD, high quality Z-fold wallet, 2 envelopes and 14 full color laminated cards.

Price: £45

Chinese Choice - John Archer

Now is your chance to perform one of the most talked about routines from the critically acclaimed "Educating Archer" DVD. John Archer's "Chinese Choice" is not just a trick - it is a powerhouse of a routine that blends comedy and mentalism to perfection.

If the name John Archer is not enough to make you buy this effect immediately then read on to find out more about this eagerly anticipated release…

Three spectators are brought on stage and invited to take a traditional Chinese meal in a way they used to do thousands of years ago…

You explain that the ancient Chinese were great mathematicians and believers in numerology. Often numbers were used to help make even the most mundane of choices. Why else would all the items on a Chinese menu be numbered? Hence you explain that you are going to show them how the ancient Chinese would decide what to do when going out for a meal.

One of the spectators is given a small packet of plastic number cards to shuffle. They now choose one person who will be in charge of the menu, while the other two are in charge of setting the amount they will pay for the meal.

The menu is shown as representing the restaurant they will visit. The three spectators are given three cards each and two of them take turns to make up three two-digit numbers.

These two digit numbers are added together to arrive at a total and a decimal point is added to form a price to spend on the meal - but alas! It is incredibly low! £1.65! The prospect of a good meal does not look hopeful!

The third spectator now adds up his three cards to come up with a number, to represent a dish on the menu. When they check out the menu they see that all other menu items are normal, however item number 15 is an 'Eat as much as you like buffet for three people, cost - £1.65.'


Price: £20

Mental Yarn - Bill Goldman

Another box of things that I forgot I had... And this is a corker! This was the original release here in the UK.

Mental miracle suitable for stage, close-up, and even the phone or internet! (I was originally "sold" this over the phone!!!)

The magician asks a spectator to think of an object from a printed list. The selection process is extremely fair. Yet, even before the spectator makes her selection, the magician knows what object she is destined to pick! This is thought reading the way it was meant to be.

The above is the basic effect of Mental Yarn. Direct, stunning mind reading. However, there are many different ways to present the effect. For example, two spectators can assist the magician, each one selecting a different object. Of course, the magician reads both of their thoughts.

The trick is suitable for use on stage, close-up or even over the phone or the radio! In fact, Bill Goldman has closed many a contract by performing Mental Yarn on the phone with prospective clients. Mental Yarn has even been performed on the BBC and stunned Millions of viewers!

Fits in your pocket, yet large enough to play on stage. Extremely easy to do.

This is GOOD!

Price: £6

Reflecta-Thot 2 - Ken Driscoll / Larry Becker

Ken Driscoll has modernized and perfected this classic Larry Becker mentalism effect. Ken has made the effect a little more commercial for the walk-around, close up, and platform performer. He combines both classic patter from Becker, as well as his own suggestions, leaving the performer with several options for a great performance.

The Effect?
A booklet of "Parapsychology Testing Vocabulary Words" is handed to a participant. From among the words in the booklet, the participant thinks of one. The "man of mystery" then accurately reveals the definition of the word.

Price: £10

PSIMBOL Deck - Vernet

You show forty white cards with different shapes printed on them, shuffle and place them face down on the table. You ask a spectator to cut off a small packet of the deck, look at the shape he cut and remember it. Next, ask him to shuffle the packet. Then ask another spectator to take the balance of the deck from the table and place it in his pocket. All these actions are made with your back to both spectators.

Now ask the spectator to mix his packet face up on the table. Just now, you turn and explain that you will show the cards from the table, one by one, and at the exact moment he sees his shape he has to think "this is my shape." Finally you take out a note pad and draw his chosen shape.

Price: £12

Sam's Switcher - set of 4

What is Sam's Switcher?

It looks like a white envelope... But... Is it?

No of course not. It is a wonderfully deceptive utility switch envelope.

You are supplied with four of these super envelopes

They are made of "BOP" material, known to magicians as Kan't Tear paper. This means they are reusable time and again.

Available in 2 sizes
Playing card sized - 72mm x 100mm
Postcard Sized - 110mm x 160mm

Comes with 4 envelopes plus a detailed manuscript of several great effects you can perform with them. Of course you probably have many ideas of your own...

Price: Small - £6 / Large - £8

Sorry sold out

Swami Nail Writer

A simple but necessary accessory for every mentalist. Imagine holding a small card at fingertips and asking a spectator to call out a name or number etc. And handing them the card and having the answer written on it! Well with this LITTLE gimmick you can. You get a 4 of the gimmicks, spare lead and a booklet of ideas and routines. With a little practice you'll have them believing you're an all seeing omnipotent being. What more can you ask for ?

Price: £9

Sorry out of stock

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