Packet Card Tricks

The Haunted Card - Di Fatta Magic

The magician asks a spectator to choose a card; it is put back in the deck and this is placed on the table. The spectator is then asked to rest his finger on the top of the deck. Suddenly, right under his finger a "magical force" separates the deck into two... exactly where the chosen card is!

The magic happens in the hands of the spectators.
Only the gimmick necessary for the effect is supplied.
The effect is easy to perform, can be done with any card, and is immediately repeatable.

Bicycle gimmick. Use your own deck.

Oh how things come around and around... My history on this trick is probably not complete so if you know how far back this goes drop me a line. Suffice to say for now I purchased this 30 odd years ago from "Warren Stephens" when it was then called "Oh Wee Gee". Just goes tp prove the staying power of a great little trick. (PS. Cost me £13 - 30 years ago... Makes this an absolute bargain!)

Price: £5

Vampire Card Trick - Vincenzo Di Fatta

The magician shows 4 cards: one figure (the vampire) and three numbered cards (the victims). The vampire is placed on one victim and he sucks his blood, leaving the card blank. This is repeated until all three cards are turned blank. To finish even the vampire disappears and his card will turn blank.

Bicycle cards

Very simple to do lots of pictures and very comprehensive instructions. I thought this was just going to be another cheap packet trick. But very pleasantly suprized to find it was a great little trick that I rather like!

Price: £5

Out of Order - Cameron Francis

From the man who brought you ‘Fresh Mint’, ‘Snapped’ and 'Loophole' comes ‘Out of Order’ - a dynamite packet trick that cannot fail to amaze! ‘Out of Order’ delivers three distinct climaxes, each more impossible than the last and, when the trick is over, every card can be FULLY EXAMINED!

Explaining that magicians go through a LOT of playing cards you display a packet of special ‘printer cards’ - blank on both sides - that you explain can be used to print new cards. Two selections are made from an ordinary pack, let’s say the Jack of Hearts and the Ten of Spades. You continue, “, if I wanted to make a copy of the Jack of Hearts, all I do is rub it on the printer cards and...”, one by one you print three perfect duplicates of the Jack of Hearts! Turning your attention to the second selection, you attempt to print a few duplicate Ten of Spades but nothing seems to be happening. It’s now that you realise that some of your ‘printer cards’ are actually out of order. The blanks are turned over to reveal large ‘OUT OF ORDER’ signs on the back! Undeterred you soldier on and, for a finale, proceed to print three duplicate Ten of Spades right on the backs of the three Jack of Hearts you printed earlier!

‘Out of Order’ is totally customisable to any presentation you can think of. Instead of ‘Out of Order’ the cards might deliver a humourous message or be emblazoned with the name of your corporate client. The ‘Out of Order’ DVD will guide you step by step through every detail of the handling and includes a second bonus effect that also makes use of the enclosed gaff cards. THE PACKET TRICK IS BACK AND THERE ARE VERY FEW BETTER THAN CAMERON FRANCIS

Price: £17

Last one only £8

The Scarlet Pimpernel Strikes Again! - "M"

At last after more years than I care to remember, finally released... My personal masterpiece!

The Master of Escape and Disguise the Scarlet Pimpernel escapes time and time again!

Exchanging places with his guards and finally vanishing completely.

A great great card trick, great story! So I'm a little biased.

Price: £15

CD Poker - Vernet Magic

The performer explains that he has a new computer program that allows him to win every time in poker without even using a computer. The performer then shows a CD that has ten face cards printed on one side, and card backs on the other. The performer hands a spectator five paper clips and the CD explaining that the spectator will pick out the performer's hand by clipping any five facedown cards and the remaining cards will be the spectator's hand. The performer then asks the spectator to turn the CD face up showing the five clipped cards to be the winning hand!!

Price: £8


From a packet of 12 cards the Magician deals 6 cards to the spectator and keeps 6 for themself. Both the Spectator and the Magician place their cards behind their backs, mix them up and remove one card. Keeping it face down so even they don't know which card they have chosen, the Magician and spectator exchange cards and place them face up within the packet of cards behind their backs. When the two packets are brought forward and fanned out it is seen that both the face up "chosen" cards are identical… The spectators start to believe that maybe all the cards are the same!!! "Well, all of these other cards may be the same…" you say "but…" You turn over all the other cards to reveal that all the cards are all the same but a totally different card!

Price: £5


With the aid of an "Invisible Die" a spectator chooses one of six cards.

The magician reveals his prediction, It does of course match !

This is incredibly clean. No funny spelling business, they throw / choose, a number you count to that card.

Very, Very clean.

Very simple. Resets instantly and perfect for table hopping with an in the hands routine included. This one is a must so simple but it blows them away every time.

Price: £6

Colour Change Monte

While demonstrating the "Three Card Monte" The Monte card reverses itself and changes places with the other cards not once but several times.

Then the backs change colour one by one !

Great routine, easy to do with a big impact ! Resets itself, perfect for table hopping.

Based on Matt Corins Mondo Monte.

Price: £6

Color Monte - Jim Temple

Probably the best "Packet Trick" in the world, EVER !
Wow ! It had better be good after that… Following an entertaining patter story about the "Three Card Monte", you show three cards (Sorry that was rather obvious wasn't it). Two have a red diamond printed on them and the third has a blue diamond on it. First you try to find the 'blue' card but they've all turned red, next they all turn blue then back to red again. Finally in desperation you turn over the cards on at a time… One red, one blue, now if you can tell me what the last one is… POW ! The punch finish that'll knock em dead. I'll not give it away but it's a killer. Not self working but not difficult to learn. Made in Bicycle Cards, with carry case. You WILL use this, today, tomorrow and the rest of your life…
Unreservedly recommended.

Price: £7

Sorry temporarily out of stock

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