Welcome to the "Tenyo" magic page.

Here you will find a collection of pre-owned Tenyo products.

As some of you may know I started collectiong Tenyo a few years ago, and I have gathered a few duplicates. These are now here for sale for you to start your own collection! Or even go out and perform.

If you have any Tenyo items that you would pehaps like to part exchange... Drop me a line.

Ghostwriter - T125 (Circa 1986)

This is pre-owned item. Picture is of actual item.

Does not have any of the original packaging But the English instructions are the original and is in overall great condition.

Some tricks get better with age. When a magician performs a trick that is funny, spooky and entertaining at the same time, then you know that the trick must be great. Ghostwriter is all of that, and more.

Effect: A spectator selects a card out of the deck of playing cards. The selection is sandwiched between two blank slates. A white pencil is waved over the slates. Wonder of wonders, when the slates are opened, a message is now written (by an invisible hand) that says, "The name of the card is Ace of Clubs". But wait, the selected card was the Ten of the Hearts. Has something gone wrong? No, for when the magician cleans the slate with a cloth, part of the writing remains, and now everyone can plainly see the words: "Ten of Hearts"!

Price: £35

Sorry sold

Chinese Sticks - T27

This is pre-owned item. Picture is of actual item

Original box and English Instructions.

Originally released in the 1970's. This appears to be an early set as the instructions are on very thin paper and the tassels appear a litlle faded with age.

There are many kinds of chinese sticks on the market. But the superior version of Tenyo beats them all with its smooth working and attractive design.

The magician shows two chinese sticks. A string with a tassel hangs from each stick - one string being longer than the other. By pulling downwards on the shorter string, the longer string becomes shorter, as if they were joined together. The sticks are then seperated at the front making the audience believe the strings pass around the other ends. The magician now completely seperates the sticks and still the strings interact with each other, through empty space!

Sticks work perfectly and it is generally in good condition for its age, the two very small side flaps on the lid of the box are missing but main flap intact.

Price: £20

Sorry Sold!

Psychic Money - T248 - 2nd hand (Tenyo)

In this supernatural effect, you show that you have the power to move a bill with the power of your mind. The gimmick is cleverly hidden, making it appear as if you are using nothing more than ordinary household items.

1. Borrow a bill from your spectator, and balance it on the pencil tip. Hold your hands near the bill, and it will start to rotate.
2. You can control the bill without touching it, causing it to stop, or even rotate in the opposite direction.
3. In a second presentation, you can make the bill adhere to, and drop away from the pencil tip completely at your command.

English instructions included.

Contents of the box are as new. The box itself slightly tatty at top and bottom where it has been opened.

Price: £20

Magic Memo Pad - T254 - 2nd hand (Tenyo)

A coin vanishes into a drawing you've just made!

This new magic trick has caused magicians worldwide to shout in wide-eyed surprise. Three coins magically vanish as they appear to melt into an illustration you've drawn on a memo pad. You can tear the page from the pad and give it to your spectator at the end. Thanks to a brand-new specially constructed gimmick, you will be able to perform an incredibly visual effect that looks like real magic. The gimmick has been built into a perfectly ordinary memo pad, so you'll always be ready to perform with the most natural of props.

Replace with any brand of memo pad.
Use any coin available to you -- U.S. quarter, 50 cent Euro, etc. (10p here in uk)

Contents of the box are as new (Unused). The box itself slightly tatty at top and bottom where it has been opened.

Price: £20

Card Case - T40 - 2nd hand (Tenyo)

You can show many tricks with one case.

1.You can vanish a card in this case.
2.You can make a card appear in it.
3.You can change a card.
4.You can restore a torn card.

English instructions included.


This is the very latest incarnation of Tenyos Card Case. Although still basically the same as it has always been this version is a smoother/flat box without all the ornate ridges of previous models.

Contents of the box are in very good condition. The box itself slightly tatty at top and bottom where it has been opened.

Price: £18

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