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Spares & Refills

The Box - Mark Southworth

From the creative mind of Mark Southworth comes this Revolutionary step forward in the signed card to box plot...

A box with a folded card is clearly displayed trapped in rubber bands & placed into a spectators hands or pocket or nearby table. 52 cards are displayed & your spectator takes anyone & signs the card. The card is lost back inside the deck, shuffled & place away in the magicians pocket. The Box is now displayed & rubber bands removed... the card is tipped out... The spectators signed card.

2 Sec Reset

Interchangeable Gimmicks



Includes Marks Impossible Banknote to impossible location using The Box in a way that looks like TV Magic...

The Box •1 x Red Backed Bicycle Card Gimmick
•2 x Extra Gimmicks... For Banknotes, Predictions etc
•1 x Resetting Tool
•Live Chat Session With Stephen Leathwaite
Bonus Ideas & Tips


1-Spare box

1-lockable Prediction bag (cloth bag with eye for a padlock)

1-extra gimmicks ( to make various card etc.)

What Others Are Saying:

"The Box is a mechanical marvel! Kennedy's Mystery Box updated and ultra portable. A very powerful utility box that all magicians should carry on them." - ANGELO CARBONE

"What a step forward in the box plot, love it !" - STEPHEN LEATHWAITE

"Outstanding, one of the most beautifully deceptive bits of kit in my arsenal, this should be called the sniper box, because it kills every time." - WAYNE GOODMAN

"This is ingenious!" - PETER EGGINK

"This is THE best card to box I have ever had the pleasure to witness. It has everything that REAL magic should look like. Organic, open, and a diabolical method that sits right under their noses." - JUSTIN MILLER

Price: £45

The Horwitz Wallet

For those who don't know, the Horwitz Wallet enables the performer to perform a number of effects including the miracle card in wallet effect. What makes this wallet so different that all the changes and the tricky business all takes place when the SPECTATOR put the wallet in his own pocket. Everything is done openly and there is no palming involved. The wallet has inspired a number of effects many of which are in the book of instructions. There is a brilliant Just Chance with Bank Notes and Envelopes which are burnt. One of the best effects with the wallet baffled everyone when Basil first demonstrated it. A card is selected and signed and placed in the wallet and then put in a spectator's pocket. the spectator is then blindfolded The spectator is asked to hold his arm or hand over the pocket containing the wallet. The performer openly pickpockets the spectator and removes the signed card from the wallet and put the wallet back in the spectator's pocket.

The crunch is that the spectator has no idea how he has been pickpocketed until the performer shows that he now has the signed card and the spectator discovers to his amazement that the wallet in his pocket is completely empty. Be warned that this great effect requires two Horwitz Wallets.

Back in 1982 Basil Horwitz gave a special seminar on the wallet here at the IBM Convention which was held at my new home town of Brighton. The Seminar was unusual in that all participants had to be the owners of one of these wallets. At least fifty people turned up for what might well be described as the most exciting event of that IBM Convention.

Price: £48

Mystery Card and ESP Newspaper - Incorporating a Tossed out deck!

Four spectators are asked to select a card. You then take out a sheet of newspaper and a pair of scissors. You make one cut and opening the paper the image of the first card is revealed on the sheet of paper. Refolding the paper, another single cut is made, and the unfolded paper now matches the second selection. Repeat this a third time, and the next card is revealed. Finally you make a last cut, and then holding up the paper the final card appears with a twist.

Also included is the "Tossed out deck", you wrap the deck in a rubber band. Throw it out into the audience and four spectators peek at a card one at a time throwing the deck from person to person. You ask them to stand and think of the card, you will name the cards, and if their card is named you want them to sit down. Of course you name all four cards and they all sit down!

This is From DP magic in Japan. Very high quality props. Altho the cards are not Bicycle they are very good quality, and this is an incredibly good price just for a tossd out deck alone!

Price: £15

Probably the BEST trick of the last few years... It really does get WOW! reactions

The Amazing Card Changing Sleeve

This is with out doubt one of the most amazing close up illusions to have appeared in recent times, working on a very novel principle, and as happens with any good new magic idea, there are now several models floating around. This one is well made, and comes to you at a most affordable price.

If you saw this on TV you would be sure it was a camera trick!

Imagine having a spectator freely select any card (no force). The card is signed and replaced back into the deck. You state that by magic you will make their card rise to the top of the deck. You snap your fingers and turn over the top card, while you are waiting for your big applause your spectator tells you it's not their card. (Of course not theres no signature on it Duh!)

Taking this "indifferent" card it is slid into a thin clear black plastic sleeve just large enough to hold the card.

While the sleeve is held between thumb and forefinger, the card face up! With no hand movement of any kind, the indifferent card slowly and visibly changes into the signed selection!

The spectator can remove the card himself. There is nothing else in the sleeve!

Your spectators will be saying "WOW" when they see this incredibly visual card change, which happens right in front of there eyes!

However: There are of course many other possibilities

Exchanges :- Display the sleeve with back of a card showing, stating this is a prediction of a card spectator will select. Force a card (say the JS) on a spectator by your favourite method. Then turn over the sleeve to show a completely different card (say 6H), which is obviously wrong. Ask him to name his selected card and show it to the audience. Snap your fingers and the card in the sleeve visibly changes to JS, - no cover - the visual change is absolutely mind boggling. You now remove the JS from the sleeve, and hand it over for examination, showing the sleeve is otherwise completely empty.

Production :- Show empty sleeve. Force a card on spectator from a deck, then have the selected card visibly appear in the empty sleeve.

Vanish :- Start with a card showing in the sleeve. Snap your fingers, and the card visibly vanishes in a most uncanny manner. The card is now reproduced from some place else. If you have planted this in a spectator's pocket, or under his seat, it can be a very strong or funny effect. Play around with the prop, and you will discover several presentations for this very clever item.

This is really cool... I can honestly say to date every time I dem this it sells OUTSTANDING!

Price: £10

The Ultimate Nudist Deck - Ken Brooke (Mental Photography)

Finally after however many years the is project has been on my shelf I have managed to finish the instructions and make a batch of this great classic trick.

The Effect: The magician fans and spreads though a deck of cards and shows both sides to be completely blank. He concentrates on a playing card (which he names), cuts the deck, and magically prints the face of that card! But, it has no back. The rest of the deck is shown still blank. Next a back appears but it has no face. Now he makes faces and backs appear on all the cards, which are clearly shown on both sides. Finally all the printing disappears and the magician ends up where he started with a completely blank deck of cards. Completely self contained, an ideal trick for table-hopping. Instantly ready for a repeat performance.

This is the Classic Ken Brooke style cut "on the slant" you can show both sides of the deck at any time. Printed or blank, front and back!

This was, and still is the ultimate version of R.W. HULL'S "Mental Photography / Nudist - Deck" as made by the great Ken Brooke.

Painstakingly crafted here at the Top Secret HQ. I promise you you won't be disappointed! "M"

Manufactured and sold with permission from Paul Stone who owns the worldwide manufacturing and marketing rights to the Ken Brooke Range of Magic.

"Beautifully made." - Graham Jolley

Price: £14


Are you Left handed? then we have a deck cut especially for you!

Made to order

New Age Rising Cards - Jeff McBride - The Original Kundalini Rising

The New Age Rising Cards, from a spectator's point of view:
The deck is new, the seal unbroken. He bids me open the pack and shuffle the cards. Now cut. I keep half and surrender the remainder to him. From my cards I select one the five of clubs, unknown to him. "Press the card to your forehead, imprint it in your mind" he tells me. He then collects all the cards, mine included and replaces them in the pack. He gives me the deck, then steps back, out of reach. I hold the pack in my right hand at arm's length. He asks me to relax, and draw deep breaths while picturing my card. Relaxed now, a card rises mysteriously, majestically, from the deck, as if pulled by unseen hands. It is the five of clubs! It is magic.

Jeff McBride is widely known in the magic community for his ability to take an effect and create a handling which is so simple and clean that it appears to the audience as real magic. Kundalini Rising is certainly no exception.

ANY Freely Selected Card!
ANY Borrowed Deck!
Card Rises in Spectator's Hand!
Magician is Far Away!

"Dangerously close to the real thing...the best rising card routine ever!" -Paul Harris

"This routine is genuinely marvelous!" -Eugene Burger

"This is strong magic that will get your audience right in the 'chakras.'" -Max Maven

Price: £10

Vanishing Deck

You take out a deck of cards from a plastic box, you open the case and remove the top card explaining that you are going to make it vanish. You then put the card back into its case and then place the case back into the box. Now, right under the spectators noses, the whole deck vanishes. You can clearly see through the box. This is a self contained effect and there are no sleights of any kind used.

You can even remove a card or two from the card box before it vanishes!

(NOTE: This effect is supplied in a quality Bicycle Poker sized deck.)

Price: £10

Out of Sight... Out of Your Mind... - Gary Jones

At last, here it is one of the most eagerly awaited effects of the year!

Gary is fast becoming one of then UKs biggest "underground" legends. A real world - working performer - who is also a magicians magician. With this effect Gary has fooled some of the most knowledgeable magicians here in the UK. A host of top performers have been waiting many months for its release! Finally it can be yours...

A Classic, simple, direct effect: The Magician takes a deck of cards and fans them in front of a spectator. They are asked to merely look at, and think of ANY card whilst the magician turns away. Once they have a card in mind, the magician closes the deck and turns back around. With NO questions asked, the Magician deals down to the thought of card.

No guesswork, Forces, Peeks, No Breaks held, the perfect effect for the working professional! Made in Bicycle stock

Ok So I am biased as I have had a hand in its prodution! But this is good! "M"

NOTE: this is the original release without the DVD!

Price: £15

Sorry temporarily out of stock


After placing a deck of cards on the table the Magician asks a spectator to THINK of both a number between 1-52 and any one of the 52 playing cards in a deck but not say anything yet! Then in full view writes two predictions on the reverse of his business card, a number and a playing card… Only now does the spectator tell him what number and card they were thinking of and these are then written under the magicians predictions. Taking the deck of cards, the magician explains that on the backs of the cards are written the numbers 1-52 in a random order. He now searches through the faces of the cards and removes the spectator's thought of card, turning the deck over and searching through the backs, he then finds the card with the spectator's thought of number on it. On the reverse of the spectators thought of card is the number the magician predicted. And on the face of the card with the thought of number is the very playing card he predicted.

Remember… Only one deck is used - which is on view BEFORE the trick commences. The Predictions are made BEFORE the spectator says anything! No Sleights, no Forcing, no Rough & Smooth! And it instantly resets

This truly is the perfect working performers miracle! As you can guess I like this one! "M"

Read the review in MAGICSEEN Vol 8

Price: £22

Sorry Temporarily out of stock

Shrinking Card Case - Bicycle

You remove a pack of cards from their case, immediately and visibly the card case shrinks to half its original size. The deck no longer will fit inside!!! The cards are completely normal and can be used immediately. No switching of the cards or case. The case looks like a normal bicycle card case, made in card.

Ideal as an opening to a card routine.

Supply your own deck. Only Available in red.

One of my best sellers at dealer dems!

Price: £10

Ghost Glass aka Kirstens Crystal

A round glass disk is used to foretell the future. A playing card is selected from a deck of cards. The spectator thinks of the card and then breathes onto the crystal. The image of the selected card appears on the surface of the glass, then it slowly fades. Nothing is visible on the glass, yet the errie specter can appear at will. Can be repeated with another card. Glass disk measures 2 1/4 in. x 1/4 in. Comes in protective vinyl case complete with a variety of effects and presentaions.

Originally produced by Peter Kersten, sadly no longer with us. As a point of interest Peter was a spy in the war and used this method to pass on secret messages... Very nice prop get one while you still can!

Price: £13

Sorry temporarily out of stock...

However I have in stock an original Kirstens crystal made by the man himself! Same as above but slightly smaller in diameter.
Price: £15

sorry sold

Hummer Card - Jon Jensen

The Hummer Card doesn't just float, it flies!

This tribute to one of the greatest magic inventors is now being offered by one of magic's best writers and illustrators, Jon Jensen. Learn how to make a borrowed playing card float from hand to hand, and then all the way around your body! Borrow a credit card or plastic room key and cause it to fly around, with no apparent hook-up! Spectators will talk about this trick for a long time. The fully illustrated booklet shows you everything you need to know. Nothing has been left out. An Amazing Effect, Looks Impossible, Perform It Surrounded.

Price: £9

Monkey in the Middle - Bill Goldman

When I first saw this effect it completely fooled me. It's not a new effect, however if you have not seen it before it will knock you out too. A spectator freely selects a card from a completely normal (even borrowed) pack and signs their name across the face to eliminate the possibility of duplicates. The spectator's selection is then returned to the pack. The magician sets the deck down and displays two cards from a different deck, which are freely shown then placed on top of the deck face-up. He snaps his fingers and with absolutely no moves or funny business whatsoever, spreads the face-up cards. Sandwiched in between is one face-down card! When the spread is turned over, the sandwiched card is seen to be the spectator's signed selection! Resets instantly. Straightforward, visual effect. Ends with an ungimmicked deck ready for your next trick

Great trick... Fooled me completely

Price: £8

Invisible Deck (Bicycle)

Probably the best card trick ever invented

A classic routine in which a spectator is given an INVISIBLE pack of cards. They remove them from the box shuffle them, cut them and anything else that your wicked mind can imagine (you think he looks stupid ! You gave him the cards in the first place…) They choose a card from the invisible deck, then return it face down, shuffle the pack again and puts it back in its case. The performer then produces a real and quite visible pack of cards. With this pack in full view the spectator now names his chosen card. Slowly at finger tips the pack is removed from its case, fanning through it one card is seen face down in the otherwise face up deck…(Suspense…) You remove it…(More suspense...) Turn it over YES ! It's the chosen card. A true miracle ! What's more no slight of hand and very easy to do. Return the card and you're reset, ready to go again. Also perfect to keep handy just in case, (heaven forbid), you happen to make a mistake in your favourite card routine. Found the wrong card…Well it so happens…reversed in this deck is…You know the rest. This is a must have in every magicians repertoire.

Price: £7

Invisible Deck - Large

Large - These cards are more managable than a jumbo deck, but more visable than a standard deck if you want to work to a larger audience. The cards are just under 5 by 3.5 inches

Price: £12

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Invisible Deck - Mini

Mini cards approx 1.5 by 2.25 inches (Mini Phoenix Deck)

Price: £9

Brainwave Deck (Bicycle)

A real stunner with two knockout punches. Ask someone to think of any card and name it out loud. You then remove a deck of cards from its case and spread them to show just one card - the thought-of card - is face up in the face down pack. The second punch comes when you turn the card over to reveal it has a different color back than the rest of the deck. Easy to do. Bicycle poker-size deck.

Price: £7

Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker

This amazing trick deck of Bicycle cards allows you to do miracles! And its soooooo Easy to do!

Imagine being able to magically produce the four aces, even after the deck has been examined! Or have your friends select cards, which you then place back into the deck before shuffling thoroughly. Then you display your miraculous skills by making each of the cards appear on top of the deck - like true magic! There are literally hundreds of amazing tricks you can perform using this one deck.

These quality Stripper decks are individually made by hand. It is manufactured in genuine Bicycle Rider backed cards

Price: £6

Svengali Deck Bicycle Poker

Probably the most famous trick deck in the world ever!

Imagine showing a deck to be all different and well mixed and then instantly changing the entire deck into the selected card! Or display your magical powers by cutting right to the chosen card every single time! With this Svengali deck you will know which card your spectator will choose, even before it is selected. Your audience will be amazed. There are literally hundreds of amazing tricks you can perform using this one deck.

These superior quality decks are made individually by hand and corners recut!

Price: £6

Koran 101

Probably the best forcing deck ever. But what would you expect from the master mentalist himself!

Imagine a spectator deals a deck of cards FACE UP on the table and stops when ever they wish NO FORCE WHATSOEVER.

And the card they stopped on matches the prediction in your wallet… WOW!

101 deck only - With instructions

Price: £9

Spares - Refills

Wild Card - Refill pack

Your favorite "Wild Card" routine... Cards getting a litle old?

Then dont buy the whole trick again just a set of cards.

These come with NO ROUTINE just the standard set of nine cards.

Price: £5

I also have (my personal preference) sets that go from "Cards" to "Blank" cards.

Sorry temporarily out of stock

McDonalds Aces ( 4 Ace trick) - Refill pack

Your "Four Ace" routine... Cards getting a little old?

Then dont buy the whole trick again just a set of cards.

These come with NO ROUTINE just the cards. (This set includes all 4 aces)

Price: £3.50

Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards

If you want to perform card tricks then you need "Good" quality playing cards... These are the very best. Used by Professional Magicians all over the world. Availiable in Poker size / Red or Blue backed. Force decks available (1, 2 and 3 way. Please call)


Price: £3


Price £3.50

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Tally Ho (Circle back / Fan Back/Poker)

- Fan back - / - Circle back -

Price: £3.50

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Piatnik (Classic)

Price: £3.00

Sorry Sold out

ESP Deck - Royal

A set of 25 ESP (5 sets of 5) cards from Royal Magic. In addition to the traditional symbols, each card is printed with a subtly marked back, allowing for demonstrations of super-human, extra-sensory powers

ESP cards were developed and introduced by Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University for the purpose of testing for Extrasensory Perception. They consist of five basic symbols: Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square, and Star. It is very easy to remember these symbols by using a quick and easy numbering system. A circle is one continuous line. A cross is two lines. There are three wavy lines in the third symbol. A square has four lines. The star used has five points. This deck consists of twenty-five cards, five cards of each design. There are many effects that can be performed with this deck of cards. For example:

ESP Surprise
Here is a simple, yet amazing effect that is direct and to the point. You and a spectator each choose a card in the fairest possible manner. When the two cards are revealed. They match. Proving to the audience that, yes, you do have ESP

Price: £8

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Nielsen Manipulation Cards®

These cards make manipulation an even greater pleasure!

The cards are printed on thin board stock, making the deck 1/3 thinner than a regular one.

The pips are printed in all four corners (making It possible to fan with the right or the left hand).

They have flesh coloured backs.

They don't need breaking in.

These have been the standard for manipulators for years. Bridge size only. Used by Channing Pollock, Neil Foster, Johnny Hart, Dale Salwak, Goldfinger, Norm Nielsen and many more.

Price: £8

Sorry temporarily out of stock

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