Sponge Balls

NOTE: All Sponge balls supplied in a set of four! - With Instructions!

1" Red (Super Soft) £3.50

1.5" Red standard £4
2" Red (Super Soft) £4.50
temporarily out of stock
1" Orange (Super Soft) £3.50
1.5" Orange Standard £4
2" Orange (Super Soft) £4.50
temporarily out of stock
1" Yellow (Super Soft) £3.50
1.5"Yellow £4
temporarily out of stock
2" Yellow (Super Soft) £4.50
temporarily out of stock
1" Green (Super Soft) £3.50
1.5" Green £4
Sorry temporarily out of stock
2" Green (Super Soft) £4.50
1" Black (Super Soft) £3.50
1.5" Black (Super Soft) £4
2" Black (Super Soft) £4.50

*Colours will undoubtably vary depending on the batch and on your monitor settings.

1" Super Soft - Bag of 10 (Yellow / Black)

Need a impressive final, your hand opens and out falls a pile of sponge balls.

We have Goshman Supersoft 1 inch sponge balls in bags of 10, available in either red or black

(no instructions)

Price: £6 per bag

The World Famous BANANA Trick - Dan Garret

Yes the very same trick as used by John Lennahan on 'Stuff The White Rabbit'. A Banana keeps reappearing at your finger tips, no sooner do you remove it, then it is replaced by another one, ad infinitum. You can place them in a bag and have them all disappear at the end of the routine. A wonderful compere item or "running gag" great for the children's entertainer, in fact this could fit in anyone's act. So very easy to do be honest can you really afford not to have one ?


Also available in carrots..See the Banana Trick Here

Purse Frame (Goshman)

Keep your loose change and sponge balls safe!

OR BETTER STILL, produce them from this empty purse frame.

A must for all sponge and coin routines.

Buy it here

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