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Goshman sponge balls are the best available and we keep a range of sizes and colours in stock and these are listed below.

NOTE: All Sponge balls supplied in a set of four! - With Instructions!

1" Red (Super Soft) £3.50
Sorry temporarily out of stock
1.5" Red (Super Soft) £4
Sorry temporarily out of stock
2" Red (Super Soft) £4.50
temporarily out of stock
1" Orange ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £3.50
1.5" Orange ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £4
Sorry temporarily out of stock
2" Orange ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £4.50
Sorry temporarily out of stock
1" Yellow ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £3.50
1.5"Yellow ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £4
2" Yellow ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £4.50
Sorry temporarily out of stock
1" Green ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £3.50
1.5" Green ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £4
Sorry temporarily out of stock
2" Green ULTRABRITE (Super Soft) £4.50
1" Black (Super Soft) £3.50
1.5" Black (Super Soft) £4
2" Black (Super Soft) £4.50

*Colours will undoubtably vary depending on the batch and on your monitor settings.

Big Bunny

The magician displays a red sponge ball and claims that he will actually make it disappear in front of the spectator's eyes. Slowly and methodically, he places the ball into his trouser pocket and claims, "It's gone!" After the groans have died down, he offers to do it again-this time for real. He places the ball on top of his left closed fist and pushes it down inside. When he opens his hand the ball is seen to have changed into a large (7 inches tall) sponge rabbit!

This is the Umbo version - Comes complete with all of the necessary sponges.

Price: £8

Sorry temporarily out of stock... (chinese version available-email me!)

Foam "Vanishing" Microphone

This funny, soft foam microphone is great for comedy magic and entertaining children with magic. The concept was created by Pete Heylands.

Complete instructions are included which explain how to perform the Vanishing Microphone and Appearing Microphone.

Microphone Length: Approximately 10 1/2" (27cm). Concept by Pete Heylands.

Price: £8.50

Sorry temporarily out of stock.

Chick Cake Goshman

These colorful, high-quality and highly-compressible foam birthday cakes easily fit into the standard chick pans or of course any other production prop, square circles, etc.

Chick Cake measures 10 inches tall and 4 inches round at the base

Price: £15

1" Super Soft - Bag of 10 (Red / Black)

Need a impressive final, your hand opens and out falls a pile of sponge balls.

We have Goshman Supersoft 1 inch sponge balls in bags of 10, available in either red or black

(no instructions)

Sorry currently only have Black in stock

Price: £6 per bag

The World Famous BANANA Trick - Dan Garret

Yes the very same trick as used by John Lennahan on 'Stuff The White Rabbit'. A Banana keeps reappearing at your finger tips, no sooner do you remove it, then it is replaced by another one, ad infinitum. You can place them in a bag and have them all disappear at the end of the routine. A wonderful compere item or "running gag" great for the children's entertainer, in fact this could fit in anyone's act. So very easy to do be honest can you really afford not to have one ?


Also available in carrots..See the Banana Trick Here

Sanada Sponge Gimmick - Magic by Gosh

If you have seen Jay Scott Berry use this you will know just how powerful a gimmick this can be. It can help you Vanish / Produce or Switch, Sponge balls OR any other item that it can hide (£5 note maybe)!!! Its use is limited to your imagination! For example... The magician slowly revolves his hand front to back, showing it to be unquestionably empty to the audience, yet he slowly, visually produces a sponge ball at his fingertips!

Although associated with sponge ball magic it is an incredibally versatile gimmick. It has been used in many varied routines including Bill Switches and Prediction mentalism routines.

Limited as they say only by your imagination!

Can be trimmed to fit the contours of anyone's hand. Includes 1.5 inch red sponge ball.

Price: £7

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Multiplying Sponge Balls

The magician displays a red sponge ball at his fingertips. With a wave of the hand the ball multiplies into two balls. Another wave and now there are three balls. Finally, the magician displays four sponge balls at his fingertips!

Comes with four 1.5-inch regular sponge balls and the special gimmick.


Price: £7

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Sponge Dove - Goshman

Sponge comedy prop from Goshman.

Magic by Gosh's hand-carved, highly-compressible foam dove is about the size of the real dove, nearly nine inches long and three wide.

It is very realistic looking and can be compressed for a double dove production using only one dove.
From stage it will look like a real bird. For comedy effects it is hilarious.
If you don't own a dove and want to do a dove effect... this is for you!
They don't make noise or need food and the best part of all...no clean-up!

Price: £7.50

Sorry temporarily out of stock (all flown the coup)

Foam Egg

Perfect for use with the Goshman Foam Dove or on their own, these highly compressible white eggs measure 1.75 inches by 1.25 inches.

Sold individually.

Price: £4.50

Sorry temporarily out of stock

Purse Frame (Goshman)

Keep your loose change and sponge balls safe!

OR BETTER STILL, produce them from this empty purse frame.

A must for all sponge and coin routines.

Price: £2

Sorry temporarily out of stock

sponge ballsWe can get the full range of Goshman Sponges in to order.


*Note: Anything not in stock should be obtainable! Please call for price and availability


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